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  1. Is it required to notify the public of a special meeting? If so, when the sepcial meeting is to be a closed door meeting, should the public still be notified?
  2. We have a bar owner who always attends meetings smelling of alcohol. At our last meeting, the smell was stronger than usual. The smell, however, as bad as it was, was not the problem. The problem was the loud belligerent interruptions that accompanied the smell this time. I'm pretty sure the liquid courage that he had consumed beforehand only made his outbursts worse.
  3. Would I be out of line to ask that board members not attend board meetings smelling of alcohol? There is nothing in the by-laws that prohibits persons under the influence of attending, however, it is terribly inappropriate and is becoming a problem.
  4. We recently held elections for some open seats on our board. The board allowed a person to vote whom should not have had voting privileges. It was questioned at the time of the vote, however, the concern was overlooked. If his vote is removed the outcome of the election will not change. If the election is re held, the outcome will most definitely change. My question is, can this vote be overturned and a new vote held with only eligible voters participating?
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