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  1. Then I will remind the President at our next meeting. Some old habits aren't bad! Thank You Gentlemen!!
  2. I have been to several meetings with one member siting that we do not need a motion to adjourn if there is an agenda. Is she is correct? Thanks!! Tina
  3. I am preparing for an annual meeting and noticed we have a rule that is "per Robert's Rules of Order" alternates will not be seated with delegates. I ask because I have spent my lunch correcting other miss quotes that are in our meeting packet (ie our by laws ask for a form for a motion and that was not included). Please advise if I am missing something. I would be GLAD to not find another error! Thanks!
  4. Our annual convention was held in April and in May our past Secretary moved to another state. She DID NOT leave the new Secretary much of anything for notes from our annual meeting. It has taken 4 women and three sets of notes to put together what we do have. (we needed SOMETHING to take to the bank to change names on accounts) That being said, we are getting ready for our mid year meeting (we have a fiscal year) and need to present minutes......my question to you all, we are missing detail information roll call, correction of minutes from previous meeting, names of people that moved and seconded motions. yes, details. I am open to asking membership what they have for notes (I am the Vice President) is this inappropriate? We are rebuilding ourselves after some tough leadership, and I want to do right but embarrassed that a past officer left us like this. thanks!
  5. No, I wish! The last year has been quite the learning experience!
  6. I'm sorry, I meant to say we created a brand new corporation with new Articles of Incorporation. Previous Presidents were trying to keep our organization very small, so they wanted to only have by-laws (that we are now learning were not near enough).
  7. I belong to a group that has had to, well we were forced by the IRS (inexperienced President did extensive financial damage) reorganize our non-profit status. We were advised that our by-laws are no longer valid with our new org but we were able to obtain articles of Incorporation. This has all happened in the last year and our first board meeting is in May. Only a handful of our membership knows what our State Treasurer had to do to save our status. Our members are across the state. Yes, Communication has also been an issue but that's another conversation and those officers will be exiting in May/June. My first question, with just the Article of Incorporation, are we conducting a business meeting only following RR? Also is there a good place to print off a reminder of proper conduct. My second question, as a member in good standing, I would like to move that we adopt our former by-laws knowing that corrections and additions will be mandated. Is that acceptable/allowable? I would just hate to see us have to start over from scratch, but I know there is MANY corrections that need/have to/ must be adopted. Third, we have membership that are well known "drama queens" and can hold up a meeting with an argument....as acting parliamentarian, any advise to curb their disruptive activity? The last meeting we allowed a 10 minute talking limit and I was called many inappropriate names.....just an example. Really nervous about this meeting! Thank you for your advise!!!
  8. And that is what caused great confusion with our more "seasoned" members that insisted that motion was invalid. I am just relieved that I had the right idea, just should not have used the term "tabled" but should have asked for the committee to report back. This would have been a little bit better received.
  9. Thank you for the clarification! Someone did ask to "refer to a committee" and that caused great confusion. I will pass this along to the current President. I know when I was asked to serve, I did not vote or discuss- it was all it could do to keep up with 50 women that "knew more than me" , but I am not 100% sure what the Past President's role was. I do know she struggled to "keep up" also! Maybe I can just have you on speed dial for our "Round 2" in July when we go over by-laws! LOL Thanks for the clarification!!
  10. I am a member of a State Organization that holds a meeting for all the Auxiliaries to meet once a year. Saturday was our annual meeting, in reviewing the Treasure's Report there were several issues and an audit that needed to be "Approved as read with updates mailed to everyone," instead someone wanted to table the report until May 2017. Our Past President serving as parliamentarian was adamant that we could not table something for that long. We are awaiting an audit and news from the IRS (past president incorrectly filed our non-profit paperwork)-- Could we have tabled the report? Thanks
  11. Thanks, Josh! I did find out today that we are not governed by the office and they are more than happy to guide us through this. Again, our by-laws are so vague and basic that it's irritating. BUT it's something we can change. I am meeting with the office staff that support our committee and hope to have a great "plan of attack" to bring back or restart this committee that does SO much! ****Our last meeting we approved to send six kids to a National competition ($2400), a young lady to 4H Congress ($750) and getting ready to send 12......12! Kids to a national competition in January. Lots to do.....all I need are 5 people! Thanks again guys!!!
  12. My question was regarding the fact that our by-laws state there will be a President; Vice President; Secretary; and Treasure.......no duties. Also we are to hold elections during the Annual meeting. My question was regarding the fact that we just tried to hold our Annual Meeting and had 4 voting members outta the five that we need (which IS in the by-laws) so do we still have seating officers or not. I did see the reply I was looking for from Josh Martin that told me no (in a sense) but we have the option of naming President and Secretary ProTempore.
  13. Sorry- I really shouldn't answer or think about this so late at night! LOL Our by-laws are very basic and vague. I will share the information you shared regarding the Chairman and Secretary Pro Tempore. I am (ok...was) the elected President and find it hard to believe this is all happening for very petty reasons. The people our committee works with on the County level, don't want to see us dissolve but I had a hard time trusting the answers of someone that is an IT employee. Not that I am the expert (that's why I'm a member here!) but I do know our by-laws are vague and want to make sure I understand what is in store. So (correct me if I get this wrong)- as I understand, right now even with out quorum, we can appoint Chairman and Secretary Pro Tempore. From there we need to decide where we can take our committee. Now, can by-law changes be made during this time OR can the Extension Office that was work with change the by-laws with our approval? I've seen this happen with a school boards' by-laws that were changed by the school's lawyer and then approved by the school board.....does that make sense? Who can ultimately change the by-laws? I really do thank everyone!
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