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  1. But it's not clear why any of this falls on your shoulders. People don't just "step into" offices, they are elected or appointed according to rules, usually contained in your bylaws. The decision is not typically left to the VP. This statement still really bothers me. I am asking a question and for help because the members are looking to me for guidance. Also, I care about this group, there are many more issues going on than I can mention here. I can't just can't sit and watch the President do whatever she wants as long as I am the VP. As the one "next in line" and a member that pays dues I have a voice.
  2. Our bylaws do state as well as our credit union. The Secretary is not comfortable being a signer ( she has a brain injury that we are respecting and working with her)
  3. I wanted to make sure I had not misspoke.
  4. The bylaws state in the event we are not able to fill or there is a vacancy the office shall be combined.
  5. My point to the President that she cannot assume or step into that role was correct then. Why does this "fall on my shoulders" because I am THE only one with knowledge of Roberts Rules and am the past president as well as a charter member. I also didn't make a decision per say but disagreed with the President that has no regard for our by-laws. Also our by-laws require two signatures on a check which can't be obtained if the President and Treasurer are the same person. As far as a mid term vacancy, the VP becomes the President and the offices of Sec/Tres are combined.
  6. At our last meeting, our Treasurer resigned due to health issues and with a heavy heart we accepted. We are a very small church group so to have someone step in is the best option as we have elections in May. The President is offering to step in. I am serving as VP and told her this is not acceptable and a conflict. Of course in the moment, do you think I can remember where in RR it says this is a conflict of interest?! The Secretary has agreed to step into this dual office (per our by-laws) but now I have the President upset and ready to resign... Can someone remind me where in Roberts Rules this is as our by-laws reference the use of Roberts Rules in a case like this. Thanks!!
  7. I wanted to follow-up with you as there has been A LOT that has happened. Legal Council was brought in (a group of 12 homeowners retained a firm) THE ENTIRE board was proven to have tampered/altered the proxies (we were told by the member going door to door that the proxy was regarding allowing homeowners to maintain chickens on our land- a very hot topic- and of the 80 proxies presented 70+ members did not read the proxy they signed and had NO IDEA they were not voting for keeping chickens but to get this name on a ballot). The entire Board has been recalled and the homeowners are holding a new election next week and with our legal council, there are NO PROXIES allowed! We are also (with their help) revising our by-laws to figure out what loop hole this guy was able to find. Also, HE is trying to sue the HOA but has only named the 12 homeowners that have retained someone ( I am one, joy!) Sadly, the HOA management company refused to renew their contract as they wanted nothing to do with this situation nor did they want to "stick around" to help resolve the issue. We did find a new company after the BOD was advised that they can not self manage themselves with the interest that we have in oil rights (and that is per our contract with the oil rights) Oh by the way, the chicken issue was voted down again. Thanks for the advise!
  8. I was recently asked to sign a proxy by someone going door to door of our HOA. Annoying but not against our by-laws. I did not sign the proxy because I planned to attend our annual meeting At this meeting the same person that had been at my house came with 80 proxies that he obtained and that would give him enough votes to be on the board, not for chickens, as what he told me. He also had altered the proxies so that the BOD Pres was not on it but his name only. There is much a buzz about this. So much that 3 of the old board (that were voted on to continue) resigned, and my HOA rep said "We are seeking legal council". My questions, can a proxy be altered? And those that were misrepresented, do they email our BOD their proxy was not their intentions and they were not truthfully advised? I've read our by-laws and they were clear that we can vote via proxy but nothing like this. I appreciate you answering my questions. just very curious.
  9. Then I will remind the President at our next meeting. Some old habits aren't bad! Thank You Gentlemen!!
  10. I have been to several meetings with one member siting that we do not need a motion to adjourn if there is an agenda. Is she is correct? Thanks!! Tina
  11. I am preparing for an annual meeting and noticed we have a rule that is "per Robert's Rules of Order" alternates will not be seated with delegates. I ask because I have spent my lunch correcting other miss quotes that are in our meeting packet (ie our by laws ask for a form for a motion and that was not included). Please advise if I am missing something. I would be GLAD to not find another error! Thanks!
  12. Our annual convention was held in April and in May our past Secretary moved to another state. She DID NOT leave the new Secretary much of anything for notes from our annual meeting. It has taken 4 women and three sets of notes to put together what we do have. (we needed SOMETHING to take to the bank to change names on accounts) That being said, we are getting ready for our mid year meeting (we have a fiscal year) and need to present minutes......my question to you all, we are missing detail information roll call, correction of minutes from previous meeting, names of people that moved and seconded motions. yes, details. I am open to asking membership what they have for notes (I am the Vice President) is this inappropriate? We are rebuilding ourselves after some tough leadership, and I want to do right but embarrassed that a past officer left us like this. thanks!
  13. No, I wish! The last year has been quite the learning experience!
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