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  1. I have several questions related to nomination procedure for an election that weren't answered in my guide to Robert's Rules nor could I find the answers by search. We will be having the first election of 2 officers for a new organization/group, so there is no constitution, bylaws, etc. I am planning on having an e-mail or online nomination and online ballots. I'll delineate my questions since I have several. Is one person allowed to nominate more than 1 person for a position? Should the nominations be anonymous? After all nominations are collected, ballots can be made for each position. Do we then take a vote and give each elected person a chance to decline the position or do we ask each person who is nominated whether they would like to be on the ballot? It says in my Robert's Rules guide that a person does not need to be nominated to win an election. How can this happen, is it referring to write-in candidates? I can leave a space for a write-in candidate I suppose. I am planning on using a majority vote to win. I am not sure whether it should be plurality or not. There will probably be around 11 voting members. I appreciate for those of you who have been in this situation before what are some pros/cons. I like the idea of taking a majority vote but keeping everyone on the ballot for future votes in the case that a majority is not obtained. Thanks everyone! I was just introduced to Robert's Rules about a month ago and find it quite interesting.