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  1. Even though the time for homeowners to speak was over with in the meeting, is it ethical (or wise) for the homeowner to call that person out in a public fashion, reminding them of their admission, even though the opportunity to speak (in the meeting) has come and gone? Is this a homeowner's association that you are referring to? I would be careful of accusing someone of lying in any setting because it can be misconstrued as being defamatory.
  2. Yes, I read the recent topic and it answered my question. Thank you!
  3. Our organization's committee charter states only a chairman will be appointed by the board but no mention of a co-chairman. The board appointed a chairman and a co-chairman for one of the committees. Questions: 1. Can the board appoint a co-chairman if it's not indicated in the charter? 2. Which term is better co-chairman or vice chairman?
  4. You are making an assumption without knowing what type of committee this is. Many who came to the first meeting came for their own personal agenda and that was to report their request or problem. The second meeting had members who contributed with the whole association in mind and that's why this meeting was so productive. If this nucleus continues then I feel it will be one of the most productive committees, otherwise I would be wasting my time as a liaison.
  5. This committee was formed by a homeowner's association
  6. We have recently formed a new committee and we had a good showing. The second meeting attrition occurred and only half attended. Can a committee set a standard of how many missed meetings can constitute the removal of the member? Since there are 12 meetings in a year would three consecutive missed meetings be adequate to remove a member? There is nothing in our By-Laws, Rules/Regulations nor in the charters that state dismissal of a committee member for lack of attendance.
  7. Kim, The wording is perfect because it is so much clearer than in lieu. Thank you so much!
  8. Kim, The "in lieu" was someone else's suggestion and I wasn't comfortable with it and that's why I'm asking for help. We want to make it where the board gets to first appoint the chairperson and if they don't for whatever reason then the committee gets to select the chairperson. Does this make sense? Thank you
  9. We are constructing a new committee charter and we want to add how a chairperson is selected. Please, help me with the wording and would like to keep it as simple as possible. The board shall appoint the chairperson; in lieu of this, the committee members will select the chairperson. Thank you
  10. Can a board member ask the members a question or is this only allowed by the chair? Would this question to the members be called Point of Information?
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