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  1. Thank you for your help. I have surely changed the signature to something less arrogant.
  2. According to a Robert's Rules For Dummies chart, Priviliged Motions appear above Subsidiary Motions (which, among themselves have an order of precedence which is easy to understand). My question(s) are: 1) do Privileged Motions have, among themselves, an order of precedence?, and 2) do they take precedence over Subsidiary Motions?
  3. Thanks for the assistance. I will get a copy of Robert's Rules of Order In Brief for my advisor , and I believe that it is the Chair's duty to rule out dilatory or improper motions under the bylaws.
  4. Dear General Board, I am President of Student Council at my high school. I am in charge of writing the bylaws (for further presentation by our Executive Board) for our Student Council, which has for its entire history lacked a governing document or officers who wanted to draw up any governing documents. Because my classmates are not familiar with Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised, they have little to no knowledge of parliamentary procedure, and the teachers overseeing Student Council don't seem to care. I am additionally faced with an Executive Board that is only interested in pie
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