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  1. Makes sense...thanks for the clarification and for the guidance!
  2. I got it! Really appreciate the lending of your expertise. Not sure, though, why Guest..Edgar, there should be no use of the word "slate" allowed?!? It is in the Oxford Dictionary as a noun and verb as I used it,
  3. Excellent! So, now looking foward and at "best practices", do you think we ought to amend our Bylaws to add slating Directors to the duties of Exec Comm (already slate officers) and then amend to exclude President OR have the Board establish a separate committee for nominations and other governance matters which possibly includes Exec Comm members? If there are pros or cons, it would be great to hear. Again, we want to be sure we are a best practices org...really can't thank each of you enough for taking your time to share your thoughts!
  4. Yes, that is what I thought. So if the Articles and Bylaws are completely silent on the nomination process of Directors, what would you recommend from as a parliamentarian? Funny, we are in central florida, too, so I even checked the State statute but it, too, is silent on nominations. Really appreciate your input!
  5. Thanks, so am I correct from a theoretical standpoint it is possible for a Director not to be an Officer?
  6. We have a 15 member Board of Directors for a social service non-profit. We are dedicated to best practices and want to be sure we do things right as we are growing our Board and organization. Here is where I am confused... Our Board is getting ready to go through a nominating process for our Directors and Officers (Pres, VP, etc as outlined in our Bylaws). Our Bylaws state that the Executive Committee is charged to "set the slate of officers". Problem is our Bylaws have on Article for Officers and a totally seperate Article for Directors. No where in our Bylaws does it refer to a Director as an Officer. So we are trying to determine who is responsible for nominating the Directors. I read throught the 11th ED and it refers to Directors under the Officers section, so I am wondering if the Executive Committee would be the ones to nominate Directors as well, even though they are not refered to as officers in the Bylaws (and in fact have their own Article in the Bylaws). A BIG thank you for anyone who can help us ensure our nominating process is correct based on Roberts Rules and our Bylaws!
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