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  1. Thanks Tim, Can you give me a page number in RONR for that, I'm hoping to refer others in my group to that rule.
  2. Recently our Executive Board voted and approved to suspend our policy and procedures manual because it was somewhat outdated. However we have come to learn that there are motions that were approved by the membership in that manual. Does RONR allow motions to be suspended, if so what page would I be able to locate that information? I know RONR allows motions to suspend the agenda or to suspend the reading of the minutes but can we also suspend motions that are considered to be working rules?
  3. I'm having trouble interpeting what RONR says on appealing the decision of the Chair. Is the Chair in order if he denies a members right to appeal his decision if the requires that a member... a) not speak about the motives of another members or Officer? avoid speaking adversely on a prior actiion now not pending? c) speaking more than twice on the same question the same day? d) to discuss a matter without promptly leading to a motion or question? I'm thinking these aren't rulings by the Chair so they cannot be appealed. These are rulings from RONR? Is this correct? If not can you show me the language in RONR so I can reference it? Thanks in advance.
  4. John R. No, this meeting is just a general membership meeting, not a "Board" meeting, does that make a difference? Rev Ed, I think the first part of your suggesstion will help, but I have a question (s) on the second part, the only two people in the meeting who wish to recess or adjourn is the Chair and the Rec. Secretary, is there a RONR rule that prohibits the Rec Sec.from making the motion to adjourn or recess and the Chair seconding it and also, don't all motions to recess and adjourn require a majority vote?
  5. Our meeting agendas include the last topic as new business. During this time, most members just bitch or complain or go on and on and on... no motions are made, no action is taken. They just seem to use it a gripe session. Can you please specifically refer me to the page and text on how RONR would address this? We have two members on the Executive Board who conduct the meetings and are ready to leave the room, the Chair and the Recording Secretary. But the other 5/10 members in attendance don't want to motion to recess or adjourn. Any advice is appreciated, but any specific details from RONR is preferred. Thanks.
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