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  1. My committee/organization has a set the business quorum to 50% plus 1. Recently one of the members resigned prior to the regularly scheduled meeting. When does the quorum adjust?Does the quorum remain the same for the regularly scheduled meeting? Does the quorum change once the member submits the resignation?Can the meeting be called to order if the current quorum is not met because of the resignation?Should we vote to accept the resignation and change the quorum to reflect the new membership number and conduct business?Are we required to vote on a resignation of a committee member?
  2. Can the minimum committee member requirement be greater than the quorum set for that committee? Does the minimum member requirement set the quorum? i.e. An organization states, “All committees must have a minimum of 5 members. They shall have a quorum if 3 members are present at the meeting.” By parliamentary procedure is the quorum set at 5 based on the minimum committee member requirement?
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