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  1. Thanks all. Our bylaws require a member to active for one year to be nominated. As a result, I have advised the presider to announce that she cannot be nominated, but if people choose to write in her name on the ballot, she can be elected. The bylaws are currently being reviewed, so we will enter this issue for future discussion.
  2. I'm new to forum so please excuse any errors. What is the procedure when the bylaws name specific requirements for nomination to office and the candidate named (no other nominees given) barely misses the requirments? For example the bylaws say that a person must be a member of the orgianzation for one year to receive a nomination. The nominating commitee submitted one candidate, who is running unopposed, and she has been a member less than one year. If there is a motion and a subesquent 2/3 vote that can be used to qualify the nomination, what is it and when should it be offered? If this is no
  3. Sorry. I'm new to the forum and thought my question was related to nominations and elections. I have other quuestions, so I'll start a new topic.
  4. (1) If an organization's bylaws state specific requirements needed to serve as an officer (i.e. nominees must be active with the organization at least one year), what is the protocol when a nominee does not meet the minimum requirments and no other nominees have come forth to serve. It would seem that a motion to suspend the rules would be in order to allow the deviation. Such a motion would require 2/3 vote, yes? (2) If the motion to suspend the rules is in order, when should the motion be offered. Should it be offered and disposed off before the slate is presented?
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