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  1. Another quick item. If we have only 1 person nominated for each office, at the election next month, can a motion be made that all members nominated be automatically elected to their respective offices? And what is the verbage of the motion to be made. many thanks all. John
  2. Hello all, I looked on this forum and cannot find an answer to my question. What is the proper order to nominate officers. We have President, 1st V. P., 2nd V.P. and 3rd vp. "NORMALLY the 3rd, 2nd and 1st vp move up in order, and a NEW member is nominated and elected for 3rd VP." So do I start with President, or bottom chair for nominations? Secretary and Treasurer are also in the mix, but for the most part these positions are the same people for a number of years. And also, would this order be the same for ELECTIONS. thanks, John
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