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  1. Thank you all for your replies. Sorry about "RandR"! I think that came out phonetically. Also I looked up "slate" per RONR and realize I was using it incorrectly here. I'm a copyeditor, so I am also a stickler for correct usage. Forgive a newbie!

    Our board is somewhat informal, and we usually don't have to invoke the rules, but when there's a disagreement, I like to go to an impartial source. This has helped clear up what was becoming a thorny matter.

  2. I am the president of a small board. Per our bylaws, I appointed a nominating committee to nominate officers for 2013. The committee consists of three board members, and one member agreed to serve as chair of the committee.

    Before calling a meeting of the committee, the chair spoke with possible nominees and had a slate already in mind, which he then presented to the committee at its meeting. One committee member was very unhappy with this and complained to me.

    Are there any rules about identifying and contacting potential nominees before a nominating committee meeting? Was it OK for the chair to do so, and then present a slate for consideration to the committee members?

    (I am stepping down at the end of my term, December 31 2012, so I am not running in this election.)

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