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  1. Thank you ... our Constitution/By Laws are clear as to the timelines for setting date of the EGM, notice of the date and advice of the specific motion(s) to be considered and it is clear that only the matters on the agenda can be discussed at the EGM. The current instance is that we have 15 members likely to call an EGM, which is ok, but our view is that the Management Committee is entitled to add items to the Agenda for the same meeting....unless there is any precedent or guideline that this is not feasible/allowed
  2. Our constitution allows for three parties to call an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) viz: Management Committee Trustees 15 Ordinary Members If one of those parties calls an EGM on a particular topic with a motion to be voted on by the full membership, is it in order for the agenda to also include a motion requested by one of the other parties Our Constitution is silent on any restriction other than a specified timeframe in which the EGM is called and notified Thank you
  3. Thank You Thank You. On the first question... "does our bylaws authorize electronic meetings"... No, the Constitution is silent as to how an AGM may be conducted.. there is no stipulation of where or how an AGM should be convened...it does stipulate what should be on agenda and what has to be approved at a 'properly constituted' AGM . It does stipulate that votes can be cast only by those members 'eligible and in attendance '..... we are defining 'in attendance' as being by the method that we choose this year i.e ZOOM. I do note the recommendation about not mixing methods of voting... we will reassess our approach
  4. In these current times we are organising our AGM virtually via ZOOM and we are allowing voting by mail in proxy voting for those who cannot attend the meeting virtually and by polling on the night of the AGM for those attending on any motions. With regard to election of Officers and Committee, our Constitution is slightly contradictory... it states that where possible the nominations for Officer and Committee should be published in advance of the AGM...(and this is normally done) .. it also state however that nominations can be made from the floor on the night of the AGM. In previous years we have only had one nominee for each position, hence no election is needed, and this is likely to be the case this year. However if someone is nominated on the night in addition to an already nominated member, thus causing an election, how should this be handled... given that those who were voting by proxy have already lodged their votes We are considering passing a By Law ( the Management Committee is permitted to do this) requiring that nominations for committee are received by a specific date in advance of the meeting .. and if an election arises then this would be be put on the voting proxy form.. But guidance appreciated
  5. Our constitution states that the AGM agenda must include, Presidents Report, Secretary's Report and Treasurer Report and Annual Accounts. It does not call for the reports to be specifically approved.... practice over the years has been varied depending on who chaired the meeting (The Accounts must be approved)... would the proper practice regarding the reports be to have them proposed and seconded and having taken questions from attendees have the report taken as read and adopted... or should a vote be called to approve/adopt each report? Also, we want the members to adopt a Strategic Plan which has been developed with significant member input. We dont want to have a vote to approve it (in case it is not approved), is there a good practice wording that would ask the members attending to adopt the plan
  6. Our organisation Constitution is silent on how votes can be taken at a AGM other than voting members must be present. Normal practice has been that votes are by show of hands. On one specific motion at upcoming AGM it has been requested by the proposer that the vote be done by secret ballot. (other motions at the meeting will be by the normal practice) is it in order to agree in advance that the vote will be by secret ballot, or can the chair refuse , or should the meeting vote on the method of voting if it is proposed and seconded by members Your guidance would be appreciated as always
  7. Thank You ... that was my perspective as well
  8. 2 Motions were properly put by a member to be included in the Agenda for Annual general Meeting and was published 21 days in advance of the meeting as per the Constitution of the Club. Is it in order to remove the motion from the agenda before the meeting but after the 21 day deadline for publishing the agenda in advance? My view is that the agenda cannot be amended but that the Chair of the AGM can advise the attendees that the proposers have asked that the motions be withdrawn Note ,our constitution is silent as to anything to do with changing AGM agenda before or at meeting Advice greatly appreciated
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