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  1. Hi, 1. We are a teachers union, when we have district wide steward meetings should the Executive Board Sit up front behind/to the side of the speaker? 2. We do not have a Sargent of Arms and do we need one to make sure ONLY Stewards show up at the meetings and not just any one, including members? 3. How does one become an Official Parliamentarian? 4. How do we have one or find an Official Parliamentarian to come to our meetings on a regular basis since this process is new to us? Some people are abusing Rules of Roberts Order (they only go by what the book says as per their decis
  2. 1. A Member on the Executive Board filled a complaint upon a member while this member was running for the Executive Board. The Election Committee met regarding the complaint. The member who filed the complaint is angry because she does not believe her complaint should have gotten out to the person who she filled the complaint on. It was not in executive session so is she correct that they should not have told the person who the complaint was about that there was a complaint filled against her? 2. The union just had a committee meeting. No one called an executive session, or stated that
  3. We have a constitution committee to revise our old constitution. The chair for this committee says once we make out changes it does NOT have to go through the Executive Board first (or at all) it just goes to the members (stewards) for approval. It was our understanding that it needs to go through the Executive Board first. Please advise -Thanks Leslie
  4. Thank you for responding, the information everyone provided was a big help
  5. What is the appropriate procedure to cancel a standing committee meeting? The chair of the committee is stating: "As you are aware a meeting of a standing committee may not be canceled as per Roberts Rules of Order."
  6. We are a union and our constitution does not mention anything regarding Porxies. We have accepted proxies for the past 10 plus years, we now have an issue with a committee who is interpreting Roberts Rules of Order as we can not use proxy voting while others believes that they are accptable because of past precedents. Who is correct? Also if we want to not accept proxies, do we need a vote by the committee with a quarum or can the chair person of that committee send out an email letting the members know that proxies will no longer be accepted?
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