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  1. FYI, I'm trying to do whatever is possible to prevent it from being rescinded.
  2. At a meeting late last year a motion to do X passed. On the agenda for the next meeting, which took place recently, were, among other things, a motion to amend X (to provide more specifics for how it would work) and after that a motion to rescind X. The motion to amend X passed, and the hour was late, so the chair postponed the rest of the business to the next meeting. My question is this: Is it in order for the motion to rescind to come up after an affirmative vote to amend? RONR (11th ed.) states on p. 307: "A negative vote on these motions [to amend or rescind] can be reconsidered, but not an affirmative vote." And on the next page RONR specifies what actions cannot be rescinded or amended, including, "When it has previously been moved to reconsider the vote on the main motion, and the question can be reached by calling up the motion to Reconsider (37)." Technically this particular ASPA, which was affirmed, was not a reconsideration, but in the general spirit of the meaning of the term it was. At the next meeting, when the motion to rescind is made, can it be called out of order? The chair of the group (who is not a fan of X) intends to postpone any action on X until after the next meeting.
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