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  1. Unfortunately, it is the 420. In our membership section, it states that all functioning entities affiliated shall comprise the Council. Later, it states, "These By-laws may be ammended or set aside by a 2/3 majority of the council"
  2. Yes. Along with some other proposals to allow online voting, change voting structure, and to remove old crap that does not need to be there.
  3. Problem is the members are the voters. There are about 420 voters. Last year we had around 230 votes cast and the bylaw amendment was considered 'passed'. We can't just remove the non-voters as they represent our membership and their organizations are paying dues. I guess we just need to get a campaign going to make sure everyone votes.
  4. Greetings! I am looking to send some proposals to amend the bylaws for our organization. During the draft of the proposals, I noticed where it says 2/3 of the council is needed to approve amendments rather than 2/3 of those voting. Problem is, we have not seen 2/3 of the votes being cast in years past, and bylaw amendments have been declared passed with less than the required votes. Therefore, even with an overwhelming majority of votes, the bylaw amendments will fail. How do we move forward to get needed amendments passed when the voters are not voting? Thanks, Tom
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