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  1. You know more about the tech aspects of this system than anyone else around here. Too bad the low-tech management doesn't appreciate the educational support that you give them. (Read this quickly; Dan's wrath will soon delete this post.)
  2. I want to delete 1 of the messages in my member mail box, but I want assurance that I won't inadvertently delete them all. If I check the box at the left of the 1 message that I want to delete, and see that that the menu box at the bottom says, "delete", and press the GO button, will that remove that 1 message and no others? Thanks for your help on this matter.
  3. In the advanced forum, the acronym MEM was used in connection with Rescind and Expunge. What does this acronym mean? Thanks for your explanation.
  4. Thanks. I will take this opportunity to complain to the management. Newbies ought not to have to post messages here on how to work the system, i.e., hot link, multi-quote, notifications, etc., over and over again. There ought to be a separate Q&A on working these gadgets. That will save time here. I get the impression that the management here is low-tech. Unsat! (OK, I feel better now.)
  5. Even though this not a commercial venture, why couldn't I sue the person for copyright infringement anyway, just to put the Fear of God into him when he is confronted with a letter from my lawyer? Unless he's a hardened b*st*rd who has been through this before, that ought to make him think twice about repeating his nonsense - with me, at least. IOW, use the law as a psychological tool.
  6. Just noticed these two icons today. Why not earlier? Because I've only been a member for 7 months! What are their purposes and how are they to be used? Thanks for your response.
  7. In the above post by Guest_Guest, it was really me, Norm. Unwittingly, I somehow locked myself out of the system.
  8. If someone wants to copy a post from this forum and display it to others on the Internet, does he/she need the originator's permission or not? Thanks for your help.
  9. When I tried to view all my posts by putting my name into the search box using the button "members", only 1 page of posts came up. I want to view all my posts. In general, if I want to view all the posts of any member, how do I get all of them to show up? If this is not the correct forum for asking this question, then please cite the correct forum. Thanks for your help, Norm
  10. I had lots of problem at my about.com forums with IE 11. Switched to Firefox and they all went away.
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