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  1. I find that happening exclusively in the Advanced Discussion forum. Interestingly enough (or maybe not interesting at all), previously I found that forum always indicated there were unread posts, even after I had read them all.
  2. I reported a number of the posts as spam, probably about 10 of them. But he was posting them faster than I could report them!
  3. If I understand your question correctly, you'd need to be registered to be able to edit your post and add additional info to it. But that might not be a good idea, anyway. people responding to the original post plus responses to the edited post could lead to confusion. You could certainly add the new info as a subsequent post in the same thread.
  4. As I am reading previously unread (by me) posts, I notice now on the bottom right there is a button I can click to take me to the next unread topic. This is nice! Before, I would go back to the particular forum and pick the next topic (unless it was there before and I never noticed, but I don't think it was.) I figured I would just point out a feature in the upgrade that i think is nice. Also, my screen name and picture carried over no problem.
  5. Is it possible that the "Start New Topic" button could be added to more pages? Currently, if I am reading in the general discussion forum, I see the button only on the general discussion page which lists the threads. What just happened is I was reading a thread about minutes and it prompted a question for me. I don't want to hijack the thread I'm reading, so I go to the upper right and notice the button isn't there. I had to go to the general discussion page. Not that it's a hardship to do that - but I wonder if those less familiar with the forum have the same experience. They read a threa
  6. I've had the same issue. I just kept trying other photos until something took. Try something smaller; that worked for me.
  7. Thanks. Wasn't really worried; my comment about standing was tongue firmly in cheek. :-)
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