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  1. Tom Coronite

    Approving a Major Bylaws Revision

    Agreeing wholeheartedly with Mr Brown's reply, I would suggest that a helpful way to achieve the buy-in you're looking for is to have some sessions with your church to go over the revision section by section. Even if you distribute the entire revision ahead of time, if the meeting is the first time your church has an opportunity to discuss it and ask questions, it's highly unlikely you'll get a simple up/down vote on the revision as a whole. There is much wisdom in RONR's instruction to consider the revision seriatim; that should not be bypassed. (edited to fix grammar/wording)
  2. Tom Coronite

    Polling the board

    Thank you, both, for your explanations.
  3. Tom Coronite

    Polling the board

    Not arguing, but rather honestly asking... Does suspending the rules make the straw poll any less dilatory? And isn't that the reason such a poll is out of order? So, are we, in effect, suspending the rules to allow a dilatory motion?
  4. Tom Coronite

    Minutes Content

    Discussion normally would not be included in minutes. Minutes are a record of what was done, rather than what was said. Minutes should, indeed, be taken of an executive session, recording what was done.
  5. Tom Coronite

    emails used as meeting minutes

    Agreed, but it's a lot easier to reference something prior if it's kept. Old emails tend to get deleted, or at least lost in the vast trash folder.
  6. Tom Coronite

    emails used as meeting minutes

    I wonder if these emails are "kept in a substantial book or binder." (p. 468 l. 20)
  7. Tom Coronite

    Quorums / Abstentions

    IMO it seems problematic that you refer to a resource that notes an assembly may add the words "of those present" or "of the entire membership" (which is certainly true) but your group uses a third option of "of the quorum present." As above posts have noted, that phrase is vague, open to differing interpretations, not in RONR, and not in the reference you posted. the addition of the word "quorum" seems to be at the root of your group's issues. Once you have determined a quorum exists at the start of the meeting, (assuming it isn't lost later) you probably shouldn't have to focus on the issue of a quorum later, while voting or doing something else.
  8. Even without a quorum, a scheduled or called meeting could have been held. You just wouldn't have been able to do much. There should still be minutes of such a meeting, although they would be very brief, and would not contain discussion content.
  9. Tom Coronite

    Majority vote versus Majority vote of the entire membership

    Majority vote with notice, for a council of 7, means more yes votes than no votes, provided previous notice of the motion has been given. Even a 1-0 vote would suffice. Majority vote Vote of a majority of the entire membership, for the same council, means that there must be at least 4 yes votes, even if all 7 don't vote, and there is no requirement that advance notice be given that the motion will be made.
  10. Tom Coronite

    Quorums / Abstentions

    Maybe it's just me, but rather than just striking "of/by the Quorum present" I'd favor striking the entire quoted passage. It seems the defaults in RONR should cover it. "Fifty one percent (51%) of the Board of Directors shall constitute a Quorum for the transaction of business at any meeting of the Board of Directors. Unless otherwise specified, a majority vote of the Quorum present shall determine the outcome of issues brought before the Board of Directors."
  11. Tom Coronite

    Bylaws revision and election question

    Will the agenda be up for adoption at the start of the convention? If so, perhaps it could be amended to put the bylaws question before the election.
  12. Tom Coronite

    Confusion on a motion

    Thank you for the helpful and educational insights!
  13. Tom Coronite

    Confusion on a motion

    The video I was watching presented a scenario where a member is unclear on exactly what the debate is about. The presenter stated one would make a parliamentary inquiry to have the chair restate the motion. I suppose the scenario is one where the discussion has gone off track somewhat, and it's unclear what the assembly is discussing. I was surprised to see it explained as a parliamentary inquiry, expecting it would be more of a question of privilege. As an example of what I have in mind, suppose the discussion gets a bit sidetracked with a pending motion of "let's paint the church red" as people discuss the cost of paint, which leads to a discussion on the budget, which leads to talk of amending the budget. Typical church meeting. So I haven't exactly been paying attention, hear these other issues, and am confused as to what exactly is the pending motion. I would, therefore, raise __________?
  14. Tom Coronite

    Confusion on a motion

    Watching a video on parliamentary procedure raised this question for me: During debate on a motion, I am confused as to what the actual wording of the motion is, so I need clarification. Am I raising a question of privilege? Parliamentary inquiry? Something else?
  15. Tom Coronite

    suspend rules to allow proxy voting

    At first I thought the above postbox Guest Student was suggesting an adjourned meeting to enable proxies. Now I get that it's a way to increase attendance, potentially. So I edited this post.