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  1. I've not seen it in real life, either, but allow me to try: Our rules stipulate the Financial Secretary will provide monthly reports to the Trustees Board. In real life, there's no need for such frequent reports. If the Financial Secretary requests to be excused from that duty, but the Trustees Board would like at least to have quarterly reports, perhaps they could amend her request in that way?
  2. Treat it like any other motion to amend something previously adopted. The one who desires to “clarify or amend” should make a motion at the next meeting to do exactly that. There shouldn’t be any re-writing of the minutes in between the meetings, if that’s what anyone is suggesting. That the minutes have not yet been approved is irrelevant. Besides, those minutes likely should be approved at the next meeting before any motion to amend the motion in question.
  3. Yes it is still there. The link works from my desktop, but not from my iPad. No idea why it's different on each device.
  4. In the minutes? If so, rather than get your counter-points in, removing extraneous info from the minutes might be helpful. As a pastor who has recently submitted his resignation, I would never expect my reasons for leaving (other than this is the right decision for us at this time) to be part of the official record of the meeting, especially if they are borderline accusations.
  5. Maybe that's supposed to read "... be substituted WITH a motion to dismiss..." ??
  6. I'm guessing if the board adopted the motion to accept his resignation, the motion was to do just that, and not to validate his stated reasons for leaving. But, if you still feel a need to enter into the record your misgivings about his stated reasons, perhaps you could request that the board enter your objections into the minutes.
  7. But we are told in the original post that this is the membership's AGM, not a special meeting called in order to instruct the board.
  8. Yes! I learned something today, thank you. Good thing you're a copyeditor and I am not. 🙂
  9. Maybe electing other people would disavow them of that notion.
  10. Have you considered simply holding an election to fill the vacancy?
  11. If you're approving reports that ought not be approved, you're certainly expecting a majority to vote yes. If I were an officer in your group, and submitted a report, and then you voted on my report that I'd submitted, and a majority voted NOT to approve it, what then? Was my report not submitted? Of course it was. Are you rejecting it and telling me to do it over? No, because it's my report of what happened while doing the duties of my office. By voting on these reports, where voting no is basically not an option, you're not doing much of anything. You're exercising rules of formality > rules of order.
  12. My bad. Thought we were just joking around a bit. Didn't mean any offense.
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