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  1. karendesign

    Opinion in Minutes

    Thanks, all. What's proper and what works for our group are frequently two different things... we are trying our best to move closer to proper, one step at a time. (That the group is a bunch of artists doesn't make this any easier!) This group is wonderful (and often has a wicked sense of humor). :-)
  2. karendesign

    Opinion in Minutes

    Hi and thanks. As a small board for a group that has until very recently thought of itself as a "club" (as opposed to the professional organization it is becoming), we try to get reports in writing, but it's rare that anyone other than the treasurer and I do so. So we tend to at least summarize the oral "report" in the minutes. (I won't bore you with all the probable incorrectness going on... just the issue at hand ). I am not the secretary, but I have been trying to coach the secretary toward taking proper minutes. I had the opportunity to substitute for the secretary at the last meeting, so I want the minutes I took to be a model... even if they must contain some elements not strictly necessary. That said, my only concern about the officer's opinions is that they were given in the course of her "report" and that they appear to have a close relationship to the facts being reported. If these opinions are still irrelevant as far as minutes are concerned, I'm happy to leave 'em out.
  3. karendesign

    Opinion in Minutes

    I am part of a small board. I understand that opinion and commentary are not part of minutes. If such opinion or comment is part of an officer's (verbal) report, should it be included? Example: Officer reports that the budget for a raffle drawings was not enough to last the fiscal year, and states her opinion about the purpose of such drawings--which happens to contradict the published purpose. If the opinion is directly related to an action the officer is taking, should it be included? Example: Officer reports she will be absent for a future meeting and delegates one of her tasks to another member for that meeting, stating that she feels it (the task) is a service to members. Thanks for the clarification.