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  1. We have a five member board. Some of our cooperative board members announce how they are going to vote before an actual vote is taken. For example "I'm going to vote against this motion because..." Does Robert say anything about this? Any opinions about whether this is a good or bad idea? Thanks
  2. HI, If we have legal action taken against us and we did not approve minutes of the action in question are the draft minutes considered the official minutes? Is there a point in time when the draft minutes become the official minutes? Can minutes be official if they have not been approved?
  3. HI, WE have a member who continually uses point of order as a means fo debating a motion. Could our chair interrupt the member and tell him he can't use point of order to debate?
  4. Our bylaws state that the board president "...will preside at all meetings of the Members and of the Board of Directors." Our members want a special member meeting and want to choose someone other than the president to chair that meeting. Does our bylaw language mean the president is the only person who can preside at any meeting? Could the members choose the presider for a special meeting given this language? Is there anything in Robert that could help interpret this language? Thank
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