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  1. Basically, my trade organization was started 12 yrs ago and I have been a member for 10. I am not on the BOD. Our trade organization has greatly advanced our industry thru technical and educational progress by our impartial membership and technical committees. Unfortunately, we have 3 board members and exactly 50% of the membership that are promoting their one particular trademarked product over the generic indusrty wide accepted product. They have the capability to make decisions at the board level since they have 3 out of the current 5 seats and have passed to have their product endorsed a
  2. Thanks very much. i am trying to get our by laws ammended to take the power back from the BOD and put it back into the members, so if I ammend the section dealing with quorum, maybe we can keep the quorum based on 7 seats rather than 5.
  3. "A majority of the Board of directors shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business". Under section 4 - Vacancies, it states "If a vacancy occurs, for whatever reason, it shall be the responsibility of the same class of Full members to elect a replacement of the term." This action has not been performed, no had there ben any decision at the board level to "eliminate" those 2 seats. Thank for your help.
  4. My trade organization consists of 7 board members and i recently questioned and requested the minutes of the board of directors last 6 meetings as is my right in our by-laws. I was told by one board member that some of their discussions and decisions are not recorded in the minutes. he explained that they can "pick and choose" what topics and/or decisions that wish to be recorded into the minutes. Our by lays allow for the BOD to make decisions for the membership without general membership approval or votes. Under Roberts rules of order, are they allowed to decide which decisions get to be
  5. My trade organization consists of 7 board members and our organization is governed by Roberts Rules of order. We recently had 2 resignations at the board level as these companies resigned from the entire trade organization. Our by laws state that the board can nominate other members to fill the remaining term of these board members. They have not done that and are continuing on with 5 board members with 2 vacant spots. my question is that even though ther is no vote from those 2 spots, i would assume that they still need 4 members present to fufil quorum. they are telling me they only nee
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