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  1. Ahhh.... I was mislead by the "as browser" comment. Regardless, I suspect the captcha method is specific to the site, not the browser. Or am I in error on that as well?
  2. Have yet to see the category version. And I'd suspect it has nothing to do with your browser choice, but stranger things have happened. Have you tried using Firefox again to see if the puzzle version reappears?
  3. If I recall, you should receive an email with a link you have to click on that proves you are a real person with the email you used when you registered. You will then be a full-fledged member and should be able to log in as such. So, where is your validation email???? It might be in your Spam folder, so I'd check there. Also, if you have a web-based email (yahoo, hotmail, aol, etc) but use a computer-based email client (such as Outlook, Eudora, Thunderbird, etc), it might be that you need to log in to the webmail system to see if the validation email is stuck in the bulk/spam mail folde
  4. It isn't just the password, but username at well (or both) that could trigger it. While both are sensitive to spacing and punctuation, the username is not case-sensitive. You could test this by signing in as "drentropy" (but get your password right!) The error message returned seems to be designed for the programming/tech departments to be able to troubleshoot, in the absence of an error handler routine in the code.
  5. You are listed as a "member" (i.e. no longer in "validating" status) so you should be able to log in. Keep in mind that your password is case sensitive. Also, your user name does appear to be "D_K" and not "D K", so don't forget that underscore between the letters.
  6. Thanks! (and yes, this is a shameful effort to start rebuilding my post count!)
  7. I'm happy enough to no longer be dis-membered! And at 2 posts, I'm on my way!
  8. Well, it's nice to be back among all my .... um...... "friends".
  9. Getting: Fatal error: Call to undefined method converters::custom_649043() in /home/robertsr/public_html/admin/sources/loginauth/convert/newauth.php on line 55 I am of course sure of my log in credentials, but figured I'd try the "I forgot my password" approach, and that failed since neither my name or email is found in the database. Then, I took a look at the Posting Hall of Shame (Overall Top Posters, that is) in which I was holding strong in second place to the recently post-crazy Josh Martin who had surged ahead and taken over the lead from me, but still well ahead (by several thousand
  10. Not sure if it's documented in the Help files, but when you're in the forum list screen, if you float your mouse pointer over the blue dot and wait a second or three, a "help tip" appears telling you (in brief fashion) that clicking on it will take you to the first unread post. Similarly, if you float your mouse over the time stamp (at the right) below the name of the last poster in a thread, the "help tip" will tell you that by clicking on that time stamp you will go to the last post of the thread (possibly skipping other unread posts along the way). Also, while viewing a thread, clicking
  11. Second attempt - success! I may never sign in again.
  12. First attempt, works for me. And much more fun than the previous system.
  13. Umm.... is that what you meant to suggest (that abstentions do have an effect on elections)? Or am I misunderstanding your point?
  14. And I don't believe he has ever hosted The Bachelor, either.
  15. I'm similarly hunchy, but........ Guest_Robert, still with us??
  16. Although, unless there is some rule in place that restricts Guest_Robert's proposal to being considered only at annual meetings, it could possibly be taken up at the next (general membership?) meeting, I would suspect.
  17. As noted above, you won't find any such restriction within RONR. You should check your rules (bylaws, standing rules, or other higher authority) just to be sure. --------- Edited to insert "won't"
  18. I believe so, JD. I thought we'd get never here. Whew!! Thanks to everyone for all your help, and interesting discussions. We'll be shutting down now, but hope to see you all at the annual convention in September. Also, if possible, would someone let Messrs Elsman and Mountcastle know? Wishing all your points of order are well taken....
  19. It sounds as though this meeting hasn't yet taken place, so with that in mind, what the President (assuming s/he will be presiding) should do is give the motion to that other member to move it at the AGM. That way the impariality of the chair is preserved. The motion will almost certainly still need a second from another member present, of course.
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