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  1. Susan - no, but there was one recent topic where the original poster "seemed" perhaps to have pressed the enter key a number of times at the end, causing a big gap between the end of the post and the first reply. Just make sure you scroll your b"
  2. Never mind. Found it. Wrong again. waa-aah."
  3. Kim - good question, but -- I guess I'm mistaken here but I didn't think a member could request to examine the previous minutes (ie hands on the book, eyes on the page), only request to have them read. Do I misunderstand this point?"
  4. Might want to suggest an informal discussion period pre- or post-meeting. Have beverages and finger foods. Perhaps some light entertainment. "
  5. In my early days here on the forum I posted a question about "furtherance", a procedure at the national level of our organization during which nominees and nominators discussed the merits of said nominee's "candidacy". No one here had "
  6. <<And by the way, depending on the wording of the rule, you'd either have to attend 75% of the meetings (e.g. at least 9 out of 12) or 75% of the meetings (e.g. at least 45 minutes out of an hour).>> And, in the absence of the wording"
  7. <<The president of a board ... does not have the opportunity to break ties>> As I understand RONR (and I'm certainly no DHH as we know!) I find this statement potentially misleading. If the president is NOT the chair, then it stands. "
  8. <<Sounds like a new TV game show!! Guess what you have been elected to?>> Or would you rather have what's behind curtain number <i>2</>?"
  9. <<David's post reminds me of a certain rotten lil kid>> Aw, shucks! <<only he would have found every error>> Don't tempt me. :)"
  10. If all offices are up for election, and the Nominating Committee presents no one for President, and no nominations come from the floor, and no write-ins appear, would this be an incomplete election, requiring the "try-try again" process? "
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