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  1. What is it that would be debated? It would seem to me that during the balloting (i.e votes being cast), debate would be out of order. Also, as a general rule, debate is out of order if no question is pending, so...... ???? After the results are announced and the election determined to be incomplete, it would seem that there would need to be something pending to debate, and the most likely "something" would be additional nominations. Did you have something else in mind, Josh?
  2. I'd unfriend you if that were an option on this forum. Rather, I am heaving (metaphorical) steaming cobnuts in your general direction.
  3. And if the candidate does receive a majority of votes cast, when s/he is notified of winning, s/he still has the option of declining the position, in which case another round of balloting will need to take place. The second-place finisher does not automatically win by default.
  4. "The bylaws should always prescribe the procedure for their amendment, and such provision should always require at least that advance notice be given in a specified manner, and that the amendment be approved by a two thirds vote. If the bylaws contain no provision for their amendment, they can be amended by a two-thirds vote if previous notice (in the sense defined on page 121, next paragraph) has been given, or they can be amended by the vote of a majority of the entire membership." (RONR 11th Ed, p. 580 ll. 25 - p. 581 l. 7) "A requirement of previous notice means that announcement that the
  5. You first would have to amend your bylaws to remove the 2-term limit.
  6. No rule in RONR prevents it.
  7. Although RONR doesn't address this directly or specifically, it would be fair to expect the approved action to be completely in a timely manner. Whether that takes a day, a month, a year, or longer depends on the action, but I'd say things should get started as soon as is fairly possible, and continue to completion without any unreasonable delays.
  8. Then the voters will decide. Also, you should not think in terms of a "slate" but perhaps rather a list of individuals nominated for individual offices that will be voted on individually. Typically, elections are held for offices in the order they are listed in the bylaws. So, all nominees for President are voted on first, then Vice-President, etc. Now, you can't have co-presidents if your bylaws don't define the position as such. It's also probably a bad idea. Think of going on a road trip and having co-drivers --- one steering, one working the gas and brakes. If Mr. Co-President #
  9. But - the motion to suspend the rules (adopted at meeting #1) that require a 2nd and 3rd reading (at the 2nd and 3rd meetings) doesn't hold force after meeting #1 is adjourned, right? That is, when meeting #2 (and #3) is called to order, the rules would need to be suspended again to omit the 2nd (and 3rd) readings, right?
  10. This is quite often the most undesirable method of determining proper parliamentary procedure, followed closely by tea leaf reading, dream interpretation, and throwing dice. Also, seeing visions in the steam of cobnuts. There's a book, or two, on the subject that has lots of time-tested information, just so you know. This someone who said this.... wouldn't happen to be the VP from the previous board, would it?
  11. And please note that 50% plus one is not the same as a majority (ie. more than half) of members, which is the RONR default. It works the same for an even number of members, but not for an odd number. For 20 members, both would require 11 members for a quorum. For 21 members, a majority would still be 11 (more than half, which is 10.5 member). But for 50% plus 1, you would need 12 members for a quorum (50%=10.5 plus one = 11.5, therefore 12). When you get the bylaws, make sure of what your quorum statement says, and consider amending it if desired.
  12. It may also be possible to Rescind the motion (RONR 11th ed., p. 305ff), but if enough members were in favor of it to adopt it, you'd have to be fairly persuasive to get enough members to rescind it, I'd suspect.
  13. Let's assume your bylaws require some sort of notice to be sent to all members about pending bylaws changes. Along with the other bylaw changes that have been submitted, include one that says that dues will be increased by $100 a year. Leave out any mention of the fact that if enough members don't attend the meeting to vote, the amendments can't be adopted anyway. Let them think it's going to happen unless they attend and defeat the dues increase. Then, while you have enough members in attendance, maybe (just maybe) you can get the other amendments passed. You might also consider includin
  14. Was this all done at one meeting, or was the motion originally approved at a previous meeting?
  15. If it were 3:47am, the nightshift steward might also recommend getting hands on the Short Book.
  16. As is often cited here, the minutes are (should be) a record of what was done at the meeting. RONR makes no distinction of recording only what was done that was advisable, prudent, legal, or otherwise valid. An action taken or decision made that creates a continuing breach, and as such should be ruled null and void when a Point of Order is subsequently raised, is nonetheless recorded in the minutes. If there was a meeting held, and things were "done", however improper, the minutes should reflect that. What the assembly does about it at the next meeting .... well, the minutes might be the o
  17. Well, the provision can be added back into the bylaws (pursuant to the procedures for amendment), if there's enough support in the membership to do so.
  18. Beyond what you noted (review at convenience of secretary and all that), RONR has no rules on your question(s). Which is to say, it does not prevent the member from being given copies of minutes. However, such decisions would be up to the membership to decide, perhaps by adopting standing rules accordingly as a best approach. On the other side, the member will not be able to point to anything in RONR that says they have a right to a copy of all minutes for the year, or to take posted minutes and make copies of them. Not quite a stalemate, but close.
  19. Minutes should (must?) be taken at every meeting, quorum or not, and all the "done" parts of the meeting should be documented. In the absence of a quorum, the members could take action such as voting on an item that they felt they needed it, and ratify it at a later meeting with a quorum present. (Just to be sure, RONR says tsk tsk on it, though) But - in that interim, the decision to take such action is not a decision of the assembly (board, or membership, or whatever) but rather of those who voted to approve it. And what happens if it isn't ratified at the next meeting? Hmmm??? Well..
  20. If I had to guess (and I don't have to, but I'm going to anyway) it would seem that the "first" meeting, at which the proposed constitution/bylaw amendments are presented, serves as the required notice, and as such are not "presented" for debate and vote (i.e. a motion to amend the constitution/bylaws) and as such no amendment to the amendments is in order. At the "next" meeting, the amendments are put forward as a motion, at which time it would be in order to offer amendments to the motion(s) before voting. At that time, those amendments are voted on, either adopted or defeated, and the con
  21. For that, many here often turn to the In Brief edition. Still not much on character development or plot line, but it uses smaller words. Rumor has it the 3rd Edition will include illustrations by Gary Larson.
  22. To add a bit here, this non-member invitee can be allowed to speak at the meeting by a vote of the Exec Committee, a majority vote to speak with no motion pending, and a 2/3 vote (to Suspend the Rules, Sec. 25 in RONR 11) to speak on a pending motion. The rules cannot be suspended to allow him to vote, but as Edgar notes, if his advice is favorable his vote would most likely not be needed.
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