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  1. Two questions: 1. What is the proper way to obtain Board of Director meeting minutes? In the past, I have just emailed the Secretary and she’s responded with them via email. (I live out of state from the HOA place in TN). Now the Secretary has resigned and I am being ignored by the Chairman of our HOA. I have asked 4 times now and no answer from anyone on the board. The Board of Directors have failed to provide board meeting minutes for 3 months of this year (they have posted Jan. Feb and march) But NOT april, may and june of this year. They have posted Jul
  2. I have read previous discussions but did not find an answer I needed so... bear with me. I am a first year director member of a HOA. After the annual membership (and a vote by membership to elect new board directors members), the new board held a meeting to elect a new chairman. The "old chairman" stepped down and a new chair was elected by the board. Now the "old chairman" was asked by only one board member (it was only them talking) if he would stay on and be secretary, he said yes. The new chairman said that the "old chair" would stay on during the transition from the previous board. He
  3. I am part of a HOA and was nominated and elected on the board of directors at our annual meeting. I hold a "voting" position. My question is this, am I an officer OR a director. (I am not a chairman, president, vice president, secretary or treasurer).
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