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  1. Under RRO, a board election must have the number of votes each candidate receives announced. Our organization does not announce the number of votes each candidate receives. It only announces the winners and does not tell how many votes the candidates receives. There is nothing in the bylaws about how the winners will be announced. I told our parliamentarian under RRO not only must the results be announced but they must be posted in the minutes. The parliamentarian said since the election was done before the annual meeting (results are announced at the annual meeting) that RRO does not apply.
  2. They think emails are to easy to forge and would not count my emails.
  3. I am a member of an organization with 2500 members. Each year there are six candidates to be elected to the board. Our organization follows Robert's Rules of Order. The bylaws state that you must vote for three candidates or your ballot will not be counted. Is there anything that can be done short of changing the bylaws?
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