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  1. Thank you gentlemen. And Richard- you are too generous. Yes, SHOULD HAVE BEEN PUT TO A VOTE. But it was not. That is why I posted to the Forum. There was no CONSENT. Only punting. Head in the sand. The president told the Ex Sec to put the matter on the Finance Committee's agenda. Not to transfer funds. No funds were transferred. Nothing was done. As Rob Elsman wrote- CHAOS. Background: The Board started discussing how to help Black communities back in JULY. Speeches, proposals ("hire a diversity consultant...") but nothing done. Zero. When this simple
  2. A motion was on the Board's agenda. It asked the Board to act on a policy matter. After a discussion, the president ordered the motion sent to the Finance Committee. It had to do with a financial matter (depositing some money in a Black owned bank to show our organization's support, but there was no expense. Just moving funds from our bank, no cost, and no risk---the amount was kept under the FDIC insurance limit). There was no motion to punt instead of deciding, and of course no vote. Not on the motion itself, and not on sending it to a committee. Ju
  3. This was posted before, but with too many details, and the results, no surprise, were tangled. Apologies. Here it is again, stripped down and simplified. To guide us in the future. Assume: A grantee organization asked for another ,annual grant, $80,000 as they got last year. A trustee submitted a motion , on time and in writing, saying: "I move to again fund the grant request, as presented, $ 80,000, and also the customary 10% contingency of $ 8,000. .. An $88,000 grant for 2020." A discussion ensued: There was a suggestion to cut down to $50,000
  4. Hello Gary- Thanks for the early reply. "Sloppy" yes, because of the CORVID-19 Zoom format of the meeting. The President ordered a combined vote: Yes if you agree to the Grant Officer's $50,000 proposal. When that failed, with 5 yes and 6 no, the other, Trustee motion was declared the winner. The issue is that the Executive Secretary did not record it as "Thus, The Trustee's motion to grant $93,500 carries". He recorded it as "Thus, (the XXX ,Grantee- applicant) will receive the full grant amount requested." But of course the "full grant amount re
  5. Our organization gives grants. A foundation that was granted $85,000 in 2019, asked for another $85,000 grant for 2020. A Trustee filed a motion with the executive secretary, ahead of the Trustees meeting , writing: "I move to again fund the grant request, as presented, $ 85,000, and also the customary 10% contingency of $ 8,500. .. A $93,500 grant for 2020." The grants officer proposed to give only a $50,000 grant. The Trustees thus had two motions on the table: The Grants officer: $50,000 A Trustee: $ 93,500 At the meeting, the two mo
  6. Hello- I gave the information you provided to our Parliamentrian, and he ruled accordingly at the GMM .Our VP will now be the Presient for the balance of the term Peace in he valley. Thanks Yoram
  7. We are a small tradeorganization, with bylaws under Roberts Rules. Our President died in office. The bylaws deal with this situation in two places. 6.2D says that in this case, the Vice President shall "“Assume and discharge the duties, obligations and responsibilities of the office of the President if it becomes vacant, " One faction interprets this to mean that the V.P. will become the President for the remainder of the term, because the bylaw does not say that it is interim, or acting, but rather that the VP assumes the office of Pres
  8. We are a trade organization, some 100 members. We used to conduct our elections at an annual general meeting- with paper ballots, counting while the members wait, etc. Three years ago we amended the bylaw and switched to an updated method, mailing our ballots to our accountant, thus: : "The Executive Secretary shall provide a ballot, by first class mail and by email, to each Active member eligible to vote, no later than the first day of May of each year. The voting members shall submit their ballots directly to the Association's accounting firm, by mail in a double envelop
  9. Thank you gentlemen for your considered and well stated opinions. That is what I was afraid I'll hear. We tried to remove the offending bylaw by a proper amendment, and it failed. There is no cure for blindness. The bylaw prohibits members from soliciting clients of other members. The courts ruled such prohibition illegal in more than one case. Right now we are stuck. Will try a removal by an amendment again, later. Thanks! Yoram
  10. Our legal counsel determined and told us that a certain bylaw item is now illegal according to Federal law. (It prohibits members from soliciting clients of other members). How do we expunge it? Do we need to pass a bylaw amendment to remove the offending item, or may we remove it by relying on legal counsel, and on the prohibition on having any bylaw that is not allowed by higher laws, or contradicts higher laws? Thank you. yoram
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