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  1. The bylaws must clearly state that e-mail voting is allowed, otherwise it is not.
  2. 1) A quorum would normally be a majority of the board members or 7 in your case, so 8 attendees would be fine (unless your bylaws say differently). 2) In a special meeting, only the topics given in the call can be considered at the meeting. 3) E-mail voting is only allowed if your bylaws specifically allow it.
  3. What do your bylaws say regarding discipline?
  4. An HOA Townhall is simply a meeting of the members. It could be a general meeting or a special meeting--if only one topic is to be discussed. My guess is that in your case it's a general meeting.
  5. Move to have the temporary treasurer transfer the books and accounts to the new treasurer.
  6. From RONR (11th ed.), p. 586, ll. 13-16 (Sample Bylaws): "Section 3. Special Meetings. Special meetings may be called by the President or the Executive Board and shall be called upon the written request of ten members of the Society." Of course, your bylaws may be different.
  7. I would also say that your current practice is consistent with your bylaws....
  8. Depending on what your bylaws say, either a special meeting would be called for the assembly to elect a treasurer to fill in the remainder of the term, or the board will appoint someone. RONR (11th ed.), p. 467, ll. 25-35.
  9. The professional should recuse himself (although he isn't forced to) if a motion is brought up which involves his work....
  10. The opposition can move to rescind the vote (2/3 of those present, or majority of entire membership) or to reconsider the vote (if in the same session and someone who originally voted for the motion changes his/her mind)--assuming that the motion has not yet been carried out.
  11. I agree with Mr. Katz: go full teleconferencing. By the way, Zoom (used for conference meetings) is very reasonably priced.
  12. Usually the appointing person or body is also the removal person or body.
  13. In debate, you can bring up all your points.
  14. Members can debate whether or not to adopt the agenda or any individual item. The president has no veto power.
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