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  1. I read the Feb thread about "Tabling" and Postpone Indefinitely and just want to confirm what it "looks like" in a meeting. RONR says: "If it is desired to dispose of a question without a direct vote, the suitable method is to use the motion to Postpone Indefinitely. If it is desired to do this without further debate, the motion to Postpone Indefinitely can be followed immediately by a motion for the Previous Question." RONR (12th ed.) 17:18 (my underline) 1. Does this mean a member can do both motions in one step, saying, "I move to Postpone Indefinitely and I move the Previous Q
  2. A discussion came up in our group about scope of notice. In 57:11, it says, "If the bylaws require previous notice for their amendment (as they should), or if they do not but notice has been given and a majority of the entire membership is not present, no amendment to a bylaw amendment is in order that increases the modification of the article or provision to be amended (see 35:2(6))." Does that imply that if there is a majority of the entire membership present there can be amendments beyond the scope of notice? Please explain.
  3. Is there a way to search by page number or to go directly to a given page? I read all the posts in 2014 and learned a lot. Thank you to all the posters! Now I want to read posts from earlier years. Putting a page number in the search field didn't work. Is there another way?
  4. I don't post much, but I am an active quiet member. I'm close to completing my goal of reading every post in 2014. I try to answer the questions on my own and then confirm them with the answers of the more seasoned parliamentarians that post. Of course, I keep RONR close by for the look-ups and citations. I have NAP credentials, but not much real world experience beyond my own local organizations, so this forum definitely helps my parliamentary education.
  5. Thanks. I did become a member but had trouble receiving the validation. I think my pitiful internet connection had something to do with it. I just tried again from another location and I was successful.
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