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  1. Our by-law states that a resignation by a Director is effective once received by the Secretary. Is it also necessary (or best practice) to bring a resolution to the full Board of Governors to acknowledge their receipt of the resignation and for their acceptance? Or can the resignation be presented by the Secretary at a meeting and included in the minutes? Many thanks.
  2. Thanks for your feedback. This will be a short-term solution, but it could provide us with some flexibility until our revisions are complete.
  3. Thanks for responding so quickly. I had a sinking feeling we had to continue with status quo until the revision is completed (which can't come soon enough!)
  4. Our current bylaw is cumbersome (very prescriptive) and in many areas out of date (no mention of electronic votes, teleconferences, etc) and we are well aware that a full review and revision is in order! Until the they are revised, is there a way to allow for the activities of the Board be more "user-friendly"? For example, according to the Articles, one of our committees needs to meet quarterly, however, in practical terms, meeting biannually is sufficient. Organizing four meetings "because the bylaw says so" when two meetings is really what's needed doesn't make one very popular... I'm
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