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  1. Absentees didn't need to be protected because all the board members were present at both meetings. What bothers me is whether the rules related to certain things being out of order were included in that suspension. Were they? The matter concerned funding for a project. At the earlier meeting, the board was informed by staff that they had already approved the funding and at the time all they were doing was setting at a lower amount. The party to receive the funding was present at the meeting as a guest (not a member of the board) so apparently some action was taken based on the approval. Then in the second meeting when the rules for reconsider were suspended, ultimately the board voted to drop the project entirely and provide no funding at all. Is the rule that a partially carried out action cannot be reconsidered also suspended?
  2. A board was given new information about a motion adopted two weeks earlier. This motion was adopted at that meeting after being reconsidered. In the current meeting they moved to suspend the rules related to the motion to reconsider so they could reconsider the two weeks old motion. (I know, they should have used rescind, but their advisor [not me] told them they had to move to reconsider.) Their special rules allow them to "waive" their rules by a 4/5 vote. The vote to suspend the rules was unanimous. Can all the rules of reconsider be suspended at one time? If they are suspended, does that still apply to the listed motions that are out of order?
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