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  1. Lori

    Big "B" Board vs small "b" board

    Sigh... I was a school board trustee for 11 years and I was also the 1st VP of the Ontario Public School Boards Association, which helped create those guidelines with the Ontario Education Services Corporations. This is not as simple as it seems and has been an ongoing discussion around every board table in the province. I am working with a board presently on their bylaw revision. This is a question that has come up and they are looking to define it clearly. It seems to me that the Board of Trustees is the XYZ District School Board, but through legislation they only have authority over certain aspects with much of the authority given to the only person they hire which is the Director of Education. Thanks for all the comments.
  2. Lori

    Big "B" Board vs small "b" board

    According to the education act in Ontario the only person the elected school board hires is the Director of Education. The elected school board is not allowed to delve into the operations of the corporate body. Interestingly the curriculum across Ontario is standardized so that every student across the province is receiving exactly the same curriculum. It is developed provincially. The Canadian school system most definitely differs from the US. Not sure, but I suspect, the Canadian corporate law does differ from the US law on the definition of a Board, at least as it pertains to school boards. Was hoping to not have to do research into the legal aspects. I likely need a Canadian parliamentarian who has expertise in the legal aspects of corporate law.
  3. Lori

    Big "B" Board vs small "b" board

    My issue is that within the bylaws the term "the Board" is used repeatedly and it is often not clear whether the clause is referring to the Board as the corporation or the elected board.
  4. Lori

    Big "B" Board vs small "b" board

    No they are most definitely not the same thing. To be more clear the corporate name would be XYZ District School Board (XYZDSB). This entity would encompass all employees, students, the elected school board, property. Whatever is specific to that district related to XYZDSB. The elected "Board" is the governing body that oversees student achievement and well-being, deliver of effective and sustainable educational programs, and ensures responsible stewardship of the Board’s resources. One is the corporate name, all encompassing, and the other is the governing body only.
  5. Within the bylaws of a school board, Article I - Name, it is stated that the name of the organization is XYZ School Board, hereafter referred to as the Board. This is the corporate legal name. Within that organization is the elected school board. The bylaws are specific to the elected school board and how they function. How does one differentiate within the bylaws between the Board as the corporate name and the Board as the elected Board?
  6. Happy to have achieved my PRP status.

  7. Hi Dan...I can't find the email your sent to me the other day. Could I have you resend them? You have my email. Lori Lukinuk

  8. is studying hard for the CP exam. Lots to learn.

  9. Lori


    I've advised a board to wait until I hear an answer back on this question before they proceed. Can a board use the motion to rescind to replace a chair that they no longer like? The chair is elected each December and the board would now like to rescind that vote and elect a new chair.
  10. Lori


    Thank you. This is helpful. Glad to see movement to the 21st Century. I'll keep watch to see what other possibilities develop.
  11. Lori


    My location is an issue for this. There is a Dan Lynch in southern Ontario, in the Waterloo, Ontario area, but that is a 20 hr drive from Thunder Bay. Ontario is a huge province. I am presently a NAP MAL. I would like to join a unit, but not sure what that would gain me. While face-to-face interaction is optimal, here in T.Bay we have been able to utilize 21 century technology in a big way to hold meetings very effectively. Video conferencing, Adobe connect, and even Skype are useful tools. Are there any units out there using techonogy to hold meetings? Are there any PRPs out there who are capable of holding workshops using such technology? If the answer is no to either question....someone should figure it out as there could be a huge market for such a thing. My strength is the book knowledge of RONR....my weakness is actual presiding....I need to find a way to practice. Just reading scripts isn't going to do it. I do know some folks who call themselves parliamentarians in my area. Quite frankly though....they're not!!! Even I can tell that. Sorry, this may not be a topic for this discussion forum and I won't waste anymore of folks airtime with it, but if there are any technologically savy PRPs out there I'd love to hear from them.
  12. Lori


    Anyone have advice on how to prepare for the Professional Qualification Course to become a PRP. A little information....I am somewhat isolated(geographically) and have limited opportunity to practice presiding. I fully intend on doing this somehow....just need to find a way to make it happen. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  13. Lori

    Abstain from vote

    We've had the situation where a member moves a motion, argues against it, then abstains from voting. This is on a publicly elected board.
  14. Lori


    Thank you. I suspected there was a problem with this. Thought I would go to the site where people should know.