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  1. Richard - We are finished for the season (football) with respect to membership meetings; however, we do have one or two Board meetings left. I'm not sure that at this point in time I would not be able to garner any type of support from the Board members in trying to call a "Special Meeting" being that the majority of them participated in the illegitimate (No Notice) Board meeting. I'd find it hard to think that they want to bring this up in front of the entire membership. The Board is made up of 3 officers and 5 members-at-large. At this time I'd like to somehow disqualify these members and bring the matter directly to the membership. I'm thinking that if I file ethics and/or other charges against these members then that would leave only myself and one another Board member who didn't attend the illegitimate Board meeting. He's always been sympathetic to the cause; however, whenever we get into the meetings he goes absolutely silent. I'd rather not pin my hopes on him coming through this time. If I'm able to disqualify the Board (including myself for conflict of interest) then would there be a way that the Membership would be able to hear this matter and decide the issue on the merits of the documentation and statements from the Board? I'm in need of a strategy to get this matter out of the hands of the Board and in front of the General Membership. Any thoughts as to how to accomplish this according to Robert's Rules?
  2. First of all I want to thank Richard, Edgar and Josh for their Posts. With respect to my second post on "Special Meetings" I committed a typing error, it should have stated that "Special Meetings are those called for by the president or collective Board of the Association for any special purpose." I may be overlooking something but I am not able to find a definition of "collective Board" anywhere in our Constitution or Bylaws. I remember reading somewhere in RR something about the required number but can't put my hand on it right now. Richard, I do have a copy of both books that you mention; however, being an admitted novice to this whole subject I'm feeling quite overwhelmed as it appears that majority of the 670 pages of RR deals with a functioning Board. I am convinced that we have a situation that involves a dysfunctional Board that has substituted the "will of the Association" for their own self-interests, starting with the President, VP, Secretary-Treasurer and those Board Members-at-large that attended the "No Notice" meeting. Also, thanks so much the NAP and AIP referrals as I will contacting them ASAP! Josh, I see that you are a Professional Registered Parliamentarian, I don't know what your fee or hourly rate is but I am quite interested in some professional advice and guidance. I'm located in Southern California, so if it's not convenient for you would you by any chance have someone that you could recommend in this area? As always, thanks to all that have responded. I'm feeling a whole lot better now that I've found this Forum!
  3. Your point is well taken - I'll try to brief and to the point in the future. Best regards, Robert
  4. Hello Richard: Our Bylaws state - "GENERAL MEETINGS - General Meetings shall be held during the football season. The Board of Directors shall determine the number of meetings, time and place. Prior to the beginning of the season, the membership shall be advised of the schedule of meetings." "SPECIAL MEETINGS - Special Meetings are those called for by the President of collective Board of the Association for any special purpose. The membership shall be advised in writing or by announcement at a regularly scheduled meeting: at least two weeks in advance of such meeting." I had previously requested a "Special Meeting" of the Membership, this request was made to the President but he denied the request. The problem that I have and that you have touched on in your reply "how do I get this Special Meeting called?" I can't expect those Officers and related Board members to be "sympathetic" to my cause particularly since they, themselves, participated in the "No Notice" Board meeting and also approved or as I see it "whitewashed" the AAR Chair's incomplete and defective AAR report; not to mention that he his report completely, knowingly and willfully decided to overlook the Assignor's deceptive practices as it relates to his self-assignments. It seems that I am being asked and/or required to ask the "fox that's guarding the hen house" to call a meeting to see if the fox is doing his job right and proper! Lastly, our Constitution states in part - "The SECRETARY-TREASURER shall keep a record of business transacted by the Association, with such records available to all qualified members. He shall give notice of meetings, …" With respect to this "No Notice" Board meeting - is there any time requirement and/or restriction that I need to be aware of in order to declare or give notice that this meeting is "Null and Void?' The meeting in question was held on 10.07.2014, but the Minutes of this meeting and the business transacted just came out on 10.21.2014. Thanks for your interest and reply - I hope to hear more from you if you so decide to help further in this matter. In the future, I'll try to be more succinct and brief in my postings and/or replies. I tend to be a little wordy (sp) in my description of the event(s). It's just that I felt that there needed to be some type of backstory or context in order to clearly present my predicament. Best regards, Robert
  5. I am relatively new Robert's Rules but have done quite a bit of reading over the past several months. This is my first post and it is with great hope and appreciation that someone out there can help me with my problem. I am an elected Board member of a local high school football association. Our games are assigned by our Assignor who is also a working official. Our Bylaws state that all game assignments are to be reviewed by the Assignment Committee especially those games that the Assignor assigns to himself. I was asked by the Assignment/Assignor Review Committee Chair to help with this review. During my review the President asked me not to "blindside" with any of my findings related to the Assignment/Assignor Review (AAR) and stated that I could, with complete confidentiality bring to him any issues I had discovered. I told the Committee Chair of the president's request and he said that it was all right with him. So I naively telephoned the President with some rather disturbing findings that the Assignor had committed two days before our scheduled meeting in which the Assignor was to be interviewed and questioned about the games he assigned himself. At this meeting wherein the Assignor was to answer questions the President "cut me off at the knees" and prohibited me from asking the Assignor questions involving the majority of his self-assigned games. I know now that his actions were out of order but at that time I didn't have the knowledge of the "Point of Order" and "Appeal" procedures available to me to correct the ruling error - my fault. However, there were several meetings after this meeting wherein I tried to re-open the subject and the President refused to even consider a Motion stating that the AAR Chair had given his report and that the matter was closed. I made numerous requests of the President to call a meeting as I pointed out that the AAR Chair's report was incomplete and therefore did not satisfy our Bylaws requirement. After several meetings the president finally reversed his original ruling (mind you no motion or related discussion/debate was ever heard on his unilateral and incorrect ruling regarding the Chair's report) and finally he decided to re-open the Assignor interview (Q&A) a full two months after the original deadline for when this was to be completed. Additionally, he somehow convinced the AAR Chair (who was recently elected to become the VP and eventual president) that I should be removed from the AAR Committee. The problem that I am seeking help with is this - I understand that the basic and most fundamental premise of Robert's Rules of Order is that the minority shall be heard but the majority rules, I completely agree. However, after out last meeting wherein I was removed from the AAR Committee, the Board held an unauthorized meeting wherein the AAR Committee Chair gave his final report stating that "all was good" with respect to the Assignor's self-assignments. He has full knowledge of the Assignor's deceptive assigning tactics but now has given his "blessing" via the Committee report. The problem with this meeting is that no "notice" of this meeting was ever given and according to our Constitution notice must be given. It is my understanding that if Notice is not given the this meeting and anything decided and/or approved in this meeting is "Null and Void". More importantly, since "Notice" was not given (a fact that our Secretary/Treasurer freely admits) this begs the question that "if no notice of this meeting was ever given, then how did the Officers and other Board members have knowledge of this meeting and were able to attend?" It appears that I was the only Board member not aware of this meeting in which they approved of the Assignor's self-assignments! I am basically the only Board member that has the documentation that shows "where all the bodies are buried!" I am assuming that the President wanted me removed from the AAR Committee because of this knowledge/documentation but knew that as a Board member he still couldn't prevent me from asking the Assignor questions. The only way to accomplish this was to have a meeting wherein I wasn't there to ask any questions. My problem is this - I have no faith in the Officers or the Board members that attended this "No Notice" meeting as I believe there exists the possibility of collusion. Please note that the Officers and the Board members (including myself) receive our game from the Assignor. I believe that this Board has substituted their duty of "executing the Association's will" in exchange for a personal agenda, although at this time I'm not exactly what that is for each of the members involved. I want to bring this matter to the Association and let the members decide what should be done regarding the Assignor. This is not a new matter as the Assignor was fired for similar problems years ago. How do I call a Mass Meeting so that I can present my findings to the Association and let them decide since all of their games are assigned to them by the Assignor? How do I disqualify or bring charges against the Officers and Board members that participated in the "No Notice" meeting? If my plan/strategy as outlined above is improper or out of order, what is the proper course of action that I should take with respect to the unauthorized meeting? In adavance, I thank you all for your time, cooperation and consideration of this matter. Sincerely,
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