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  1. Josh, Sorry I did not answer your question "what do the board members really do" What they do is protect themselves from becoming a bigger and better membership. The are not thinking of the 185 members that voted for them. They are doing what they want for their own reasons. For instance the last two holiday parties we had they voted is was okay to put 'Reserve' on their favorite table while other members where there long before them.
  2. All, My membership does not really understand RONR which my bylaws state that anything not covered under our bylaws is governed under RONR. I understand that I have to step down and the VP takes over. Can the membership overturn a vote/decision made in the board meeting minutes?
  3. According to RONR. Can general membership overturn a vote/decision that was made by the board?
  4. When they are present are they allowed to act as a board of director or do they need to recuse themselves as a board member to discuss a topic? I am president of a small not for profit, the board is doing what they want and not what the voting members voted them for. They are unhappy that the organization is getting more members and they are losing their little White House. I have told members in a general meeting that I am unhappy with some of the boards decisions, that the board is not acting towards new membership, but for their own personal persona/wants. I am losing a battle for my new members. Any Advice?
  5. Edgar, Even though they are board member they still are a member. So you are saying they count when present?
  6. I would like to thank every one who has posted a reply.
  7. Under Roberts Rules do the board members count towards the quorum for a general membership meeting? Our bylaws do not specify this.
  8. Josh, Thanks for the reply. My current bylaws do not state how to remove an officer. I only want the board member removed from his duties. Not removed from the membership.
  9. My bylaws state: The demand to expel or exclude a member from the organization shall be made in writing, with the signature of the complainant to the board of directors, and must contain a clear statement of the cause of such action. It also states in the bylaws that the president resides over all board meetings and ex-officio over all committees. Is it right for me to preside over this meeting the board will have with me be president? Is it right for the accused board member be in attendance of this special meeting? Does the board member whom I am going to write about get a letter also?
  10. I am president of a private not for profit 501c. I was elected president by ballot from the membership. Can the board of directors fire me?
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