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  1. Thank you Rev Ed, that Wikipedia article cleared things up for me. My organizations tabled items are on an active work bench.
  2. I would like to know if Tabled Items is an acceptable heading according to RONR.
  3. So general orders refer only to motions that were postponed and not an item of business as Mr. Huynh stated above. Please clarify.
  4. My organization is not British but if there is a British vs American way of doing something it would do it the British way. A heading of Tabled Items is being used. Issues are discussed and decisions if able are made but the actions cannot be carried out usually due to weather. Once the action or project is completed the item would be moved to Unfinished Business and a note would be made that the project was finished.
  5. How does this differ from an on going list of Tabled Items that have a general timeline of when they will be completed such as Spring 2015 (due to weather conditions). Or is a general order something that would have been dealt with at a previous meeting but time ran out to discuss the matter so it was not dealt with at all.
  6. Could someone please explain in plain english what General Orders means, referencing the top of p.359 in RONR.
  7. Please assume my organization is British.
  8. My question will be following the British use of the term 'Lay on the table' as outlined in RONR in the footnote on p.217. On an Agenda would I write those exact words 'Lay on the table' as a heading for tabled items or would I use the heading 'Tabled items'
  9. Am I interpreting what you said correctly if I conclude that the President does not automatically or have to chair a board meeting? Can any board member chair a meeting?
  10. The Board meets monthly and as Rev Ed so nicely quoted from RONR that it is practice to adopt an agenda.
  11. Is this how the minutes would read as an example: Mr. X made a motion to accept the agenda. Motion carried. For someone other than a board member reading the minutes of a small assembly such as a condo board, would that person just have to know, if they are familiar with RONR, or assume if they aren't, that the motion was seconded before it was carried.
  12. In meeting minutes I know that the persons name that seconded a motion is not included in the minutes but do you still write in the minutes that the motion was seconded?
  13. The agenda is adopted. It should be kept with the minutes since there is reference to it in the minutes.
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