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  1. If the organization has By-Laws, it might say there what is needed to remove a member of such an organization.
  2. I ask only because I expect others to want to suspend the rules of decorum, not because I do.
  3. I thought it had an answer that might contain more than affirming the option to censure.
  4. See? Question was pointless and should have not been asked.
  5. It was redundant and not wanted or needed. People said the question was pointless and not needed, and no help available.
  6. Does suspending the rules of decorum create a replacement rule that supposes those in the assembly are to act in opposition to those rules, in order to be in compliance?
  7. It was apparent it was redundant, and therefore not needed or helpful.
  8. Can they be permanently suspended, as a special rule of order, or ?
  9. I saw a parliamentarian comment in a blog post that the rules of decorum cannot be suspended, but I’m not finding the entry in RONR that explicitly says they cannot be suspended. It does say on page 264 line 6 & 7 that rules protecting a basic right of the individual member cannot be suspended, so I don’t know if decorum is included in the individual rights of a member.
  10. If in a meeting, a member makes remarks, statements, or arguments about what they think another member believes... is such speech considered "personal remarks" or questioning the motives of a member (or both?) if not part of a pending motion?
  11. I’ve tried. It is truly challenging.
  12. Recently, a board member shoved another board member while returning from a meeting recess. Is this a matter that would be handled by police, the board, or both? The police were not called when it happened, but can the board remove the member for this kind of behavior? The by laws say nothing as far as discipline.
  13. I’m not sure I understand your question. Are you asking if I could dispose of the person who has cried a few times, would I?
  14. From the board. I don't think she was trying to disturb anyone, but just the same. She always has some excuse. My dog just died. My mom just died. My husband left me. I lost my job. I lost my car. I have cancer... It's always something.
  15. If one of my fellow board members had broken down crying in a recent meeting, and when apologizing for it, told us she had a health issue that was adversely affecting her, would it be a violation of decorum if I asked aloud if she could be removed from the board for having such a health issue?
  16. And if no such power has been granted?
  17. I guess in the consideration that Executive Session is only being used for its intended purpose, the idea it all stays secret is no issue.
  18. That seems ridiculous. if abuse of a person, or a tarnishing of their name happens in Executive, in my opinion, it should not have to be kept secret, if it was about someone else? That’s one thing...but if it was about themselves, and so it’s their own “information”... especially since it had already been discussed previously elsewhere... Seems wrong. Also, what if the use of RONR was discussed in Executive... a question of how to use point of order for instance...now it becomes a secret topic? Nothing of it can be repeated? That did happen, and the idea that now its top secret it ludicrous.
  19. They did not adopt a rule. The lawyer told them they should tell me if this restriction, and they said to put that in the letter as well. The reason why I don’t think they could adopt such s rule is because RONR doesn’t deal with communications of this kind, there is nothing in the by laws that covers this, and there’s no authority given anywhere for this kind of restriction.
  20. I guess sometimes, I keep expecting a loophole to emerge that somehow was not apparent before.
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