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  1. Yes, the GM has the final say. The Board presents the proposed budget to the GM in January. Board members are also general members. The GM has the opportunity to deliberate, amend, vote to approve the 2016 budget at that meeting.
  2. The additional item requested for discussion is not of an urgent nature and can be discussed at a later date. Thanks for your comments. I believe that we are on the right track to keep the agenda as stated when we voted at the last meeting to have the special meeting. Nice to know, and to know how I might go about it if it was determined to be an urgent item to be brought forward. Thanks! Laurie
  3. Good morning all, Our small HOA Board of Directors met for our Regular meeting this month. At that meeting we made and passed a motion to have a Special Meeting (allowed by ByLaws) to finalize the 2016 budget to present to the Members at the General Membership Meeting in January. A request a couple of weeks later was made to discuss another topic (landscape related, non-urgent) at the Special Meeting as well. No notice of the Special Meeting has as yet gone out - it is scheduled to go out in a couple of weeks. It is my understanding the Special Meetings are called to address specific is
  4. We, a newish small HOA, have recently completed the process of revising our bylaws (a successful endeavor, with thanks to those who answered questions here). Now we, the Board, are needing to clarify policy regarding access to the fenced storm pond. It is part of the HOA common area, however its sole purpose is for runoff control. We have legal responsibilities for maintenance of that pond with the city and a requirement to keep the fence in good condition and a lock on the gate. The question before us is should there be any other reason a homeowner can go into the pond. There are half a
  5. Thank-you both. And now having my new RRNR book in hand I reviewed those sections recommended. It will be very helpful. Thanks!
  6. Thanks, we did sit down and took a look at the wording and what we intend and shifted back to Member rather then Lot. I agree it is best to say what you mean - sometimes that gets lost in trying to wordsmith to tightly I think. A fresh perspective is always helpful. Thanks
  7. I would like your opinions on this matter. We have and HOA, the Bylaws will state that to be on the Board, or on a Committee you must be in Good Standing. We had used that term thusly: “Good Standing” shall mean a Member who is current in the payment of their assessments and not in violation of the Governing documents. Violation of Governing documents as determined by the Governing body responsible for such matters, until such time as the matter is resolved or appealed." Because we are allowing for Member Representatives (required Power of Attorney stating limited power to act for Memb
  8. We are a small HOA, who have been working the past 7 or 8 months on revisions to the original bylaws which had several inconsistencies, errors and omissions. We formed a bylaws committee, sought input (no one from the membership ever showed up or contacted the committee) from the members and in December provided the draft of the changes to the membership (mailing included the draft, cover letter with explanation, and plan for accepting in February) again asking for comments, concerns, suggestions. No feedback from the membership. That draft included the new version of each article and sect
  9. Ok, this has been very helpful, all your questions and comments. Gives me a better understanding of how to go about the next meeting where we discuss this. Thanks
  10. Great. Ok then. So I can put forward a motion at the next Board meeting for the committee to adopt the following rules: " 1) All lots shall maintain external fencing in good condition and of the style prescribed in SECTION J of Article II of DCC&R. If variance is sought to install fencing of a different style it shall be of the following specifications: [specs for 1 or to options to go here] 2) Fencing along the parameter of the storm pond shall not include a gate into to the pond tract." And then the committee should meet to adopt those rules? Or do they become the rules the comm
  11. Back to my laptop, much easier to type So here is the Article from the DCC&Rs, it might help clarify your questions. I've removed names and the bold is my highlight of the section I have a question about. So far what I think I'm hearing is that the ACC is not a Board committee, but rather is a separate committee under the authority of the membership of the association - Laurie DCC&R ARTICLE III ARCHITECTURAL CONTROL COMMITTEE No building, fence, wall or other structure shall be commenced, erected or maintained upon the properites, nor shall any exterior addition to or change o
  12. Oh, interesting. So, if the ACC is defined in the DCC&Rs then it is accountable to the HOA membership not the Board? And if so, where it states in the DCC&Rs that they committee shall adopt such rules from the Board of Directors, that would likely be the only guidence or control the Board has of that committee. One concern that brings up (and this is likely a different thread then so I'll repost as such) would be the indemnification the ACC has written in to the DCC&Rs. Hmmm.. Back to my question then, the Board can provide direction to the ACC on rules per the DCC&Rs
  13. Our HOA CC&Rs set out the authorization for an Architectural Control Committee. There is only one statement in it where the Board can give direction to the committee. Otherwise the committee is authorized to have the primary responsibility to interpret and enforce the rules and regs set out in the CC&Rs. There is one point where the Board can give direction I believe. It states: "The Architectural Control Committee shall adopt such reasonable and uniform rules of architectural control as the Board of Directors may prescribe , including, but not necessarily limited to the following:
  14. Thanks all, that is helpful. And yes, it turns out we need to bring it up new as it has been over 6 months. Something we didn't know going into this process. Ah, it has been a learning experience! Laurie
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