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    Can you please tell me on what page in RONR that it says a member is not allowed to be asked why they voted "no" or "abstain". Thank you.
  2. Hi, If a committees's bylaws allow email voting, does it say somewhere in RONR that the carried motion must be ratified at the next meeting? Thank you.
  3. Can you please tell me on what page RONR discusses that only board members have a right to attend board meetings. Also, does RONR address, and if so on what page, that nonmembers must request to attend and speak at a board meeting. Thsnk you.
  4. Should it be noted in the Minutes that the rest of the items on the adopted agenda will be taken up at the next meeting?
  5. Hello, Does a Board need to make a motion to postpone the rest of the agenda until the next meeting. Thank you in advance for your replies.
  6. Hello, Can a person be elected as an Officer on a Board of Directors if they are not present at the meeting? Or do they need to officially accept the nomination first? Also, can a person not present at the meeting be elected to have signing authority? Or do they need to officially accept the nomination first? Note: This person will not have an issue being elected to these positions but I would like to know the official RONR procedure. Thank you in advance for your replies.
  7. Hello, Should it be recorded in the minutes if a Board member leaves the meeting before it is adjourned. Our Treasurer leaves every meeting early. Thank you in advance for your replies.
  8. The Treasurer became a Board member by being voting onto the Board by the general assembly at the annual general meeting. He became Treasurer by being voted into that position by the Board members.
  9. Hello, Our bylaws do not address the following issue so I would appreciate input from people on this website. If a board member holds a position, such as Treasurer, and they want to give up that position, are they still allowed to remain on the board just as a director? Thanks
  10. There is nothing in our bylaws that mentions any further action. Thank you kindly for your response.
  11. At an annual general meeting after the new board of directors have been elected, is it necessary to put forth a motion to the members to accept the new board of directors?
  12. Hello, Is there a rule in RONR that states that the President of a Board cannot make the initial motion?
  13. A second example is, the chairman just saying that a particular member seconds a motion and that the motion is adopted. The chairman cannot assign a seconder or just say that the motion is adopted without asking the rest of the members, "All in favor, all opposed?" If you can tell me if this example explicitly violates something in RONR that would be helpful. Otherwise this again I believe violates the code of ethics bylaw.
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