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  1. A temporary appointment to cover a short absence. Usually only lasting one day. However it may last a week or longer in the case of vacation purposes. It could also be longer for medical, legal, family, or personal reasons. Any vacancy less than sixty (60) days does not require an election to fill. The position in question is not a Pro Tempore position. It is member of a committee charged with representing its members interests and views to a third party (hence B's ability to temporarily appoint someone to execute the duties of the office having a long history of precedence and being advanta
  2. I'd like to thank those that offered opinions on my last question, and hope you are willing to offer some ideas on the current question I have. I know that it is up to each organization to interpret its own bylaws. I'm just looking for differing opinions on the subject. National organization with a constitution. Subordinate local of the national organization with bylaws subordinate to national's constitution. We have a member ("A") currently serving his elected term on our Election Committee. When there is a vacancy in a non-executive elected position ("1"), the constitution and bylaws per
  3. This at least shows that this type of assumption of duty is not unheard of. I agree with this assessment. If not for the "elected chairman" wording, there would hardly be a question as to if the vice chairman filling in were proper. Thier wishes would definitely carry significant weight. However, it isn't yet clear if this was the intention of C's membership when they passed the bylaw change, of if they had even contemplated the possibility, let alone would approve of the vice chairman being their at-large representative. Thank you all for your knowledge and input.
  4. I thank you for wishes of luck. I know I'll need all I can get. My purpose for posting was more for a second opinion on the fact that there's nothing in RONR that addresses this klusterquat, than an interpretation of C's bylaws (I'm a member of A & B, not C). I do welcome any constructive input, though! I don't think it has bearing, but I want to clarify that the section directing the vice chairman to assume all duties occurs several sections prior to the section stating the elected chairman is the member-at-large.
  5. National organization "A" with a constitution. Subordinate local "B" of the national organization with bylaws subordinate to A's constitution. Subordinate chapter "C" of the local organization with bylaws subordinate to B's bylaws. All members of C are members of B, not all members of B are members of C. Both A's constitution and B's bylaws provide for a member of C to be elected by C's members to sit on the executive board of B (with voice and vote). Until recently, C elected it's own executive board (chairman, vice chairman, secretary, treasurer, Sgt@arms) and a seperate member-at-large (the
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