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  1. Hi John.  Could you point me to the page or section in Robert's Rules where it specifically says that absentee votes should be thrown out in the event of a tie, or not permitted in elections?  Our bylaws state that proxy voting is allowed, but only by preapproval of 100% of the board.  Our parliamentarian is not enforcing the bylaws, and keeps pointing to Robert's Rules.  If we can not show her the exact page, she will not consider it.

    Thank you.

    1. Josh Martin

      Josh Martin

      Absentee voting generally, and proxy voting in particular, are prohibited in all cases unless authorized by the bylaws. See RONR, 11th ed., pg. 423 for the rule on absentee voting generally, and pg. 428 for the rule on proxy voting in particular.

      It should also be understood that the parliamentarian does not enforce anything. She is simply an advisor to the presiding officer.

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