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  1. Do you really need one? How do you make a vote unanimous by anything but a unanimous vote?
  2. And it would have to be adopted by a unanimous vote.
  3. And if the motion to rescind is adopted the motion to reconsider becomes moot. On the other hand if the motion to rescind is voted down the motion to reconsider can then be called up.
  4. Good point I read 40 to be the number that was needed to make a quorum but if it's not and the actually number is 35 of less a vote of 18 yes to 12 no would be enough to amend the bylaws.
  5. No,, because 18 is not a majority of 40 I would also note that while RONR doesn't define it the Standard Code defines "A majority vote of the quorum" to "mean a majority of those present and voting, assuming a quorum is present, with further stipulation that the affirmative vote must include a majority of the number required for a quorum." page 139 5th edition. .
  6. alanh49


    Well the previous question is in effect a motion to stop talking and take a vote on whatever motion(s) it's be applied to but you can't vote on anything before the question being voted on is put to a vote.
  7. But on page 458 of RONR (11th ed) it say that the Vice President automatically becomes President upon the resignation or death of the president not his removal from office.
  8. What if someone gives previous notice that they are going to make a motion to rescind something at the next meeting and someone else moves to rescind it during the current meeting. If the motion to rescind doesn't pass is said notice still valid? Also if a motion to rescind is voted down can notice be given that the same motion will be made at the next meeting (session)?
  9. alanh49


    I disagree if one is given a ballot and the opportunity to vote one has not been denied the right to vote but you are being compelled to vote for at least one candidate you don't really want to vote for
  10. Well they can but it's not automatic the bylaws or some higher rule like a state law needs to say they do.
  11. alanh49


    But, we're not talking about taking away anyone right to vote only their right to partially abstain. A special rule of order can says you need a vote of some portion [majority 2/3 ...] of the members present in order to adopt something. In which case not vote has the same effect as voting no. So if an SRO can take away your right to abstain in full why not one that takes away the right to abstain in part Nothing in RONR says that a rule has to be suspend-able before an SRO can supersede it
  12. alanh49


    Why not, were does it say in RONR that this is one of those rules that can only be altered by a provision of the bylaws?
  13. And, if incorporated the vote needed the amend the charter (by whatever name it's known) unless the law provides otherwise.
  14. Your use of the term "governing body (Council)" made me wonder if this was a congregation of the Presbyterian Church (USA) but a Presbyterian congregation is NOT the supreme assembly under Presbyterian polity in fact they have very little power.
  15. What if the motion to amend the bylaws isn't made under general orders but under new business should the chair rule it out of order?
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