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  1. Here is our dilemma. Our organization has the following Article: Article IX. Order of Business Section 1. Order of Business At the Annual Meetings of the Club, the order of business so far as the character and nature of the meeting shall be as listed. There shall be in attendance a Court Recorder, Parliamentarian and a Sergeant-of-Arms appointed by the Board of Directors. A time schedule of not less than four (4) hours shall be given by Specialty Show Committee for the Annual Meeting. Order of business is: ROLL CALL MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING REPORT OF THE PRESIDENT REPORT OF THE RECORDING SECRETARY REPORT OF THE TREASURER REPORT OF COMMITTEES UNFINISHED BUSINESS NEW BUSINESS ADJOURNMENT Our organization hires a Court Recorder and has for years. There is a current motion to hire a Professional Parliamentarian. What we need to understand is can a member be appointed as Parliamentarian even though the member does not have any professional training as a Parliamentarian or should we be hiring a trained Parliamentarian?
  2. There was a motion to uphold the Bylaws that was voted down. This point of order is because the Board is taking action that is against the Bylaws per this vote. Does this change the process?
  3. What steps can be taken if a Chairman is unwilling to rule on a point of order? We have asked that that the chairman give a ruling of well taken or not well taken and he will not. Without this ruling we cannot continue with Board business, correct? Any direction will be greatly appreciated.
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