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  1. Our ByLaws state Proxies can be used for elections. Does that mean the proxies can be used at an annual Owners Meeting to vote on a motion?
  2. If a motion has already been seconded and a vote is taking place, can members leave the room in protest?
  3. Does an adjourned meeting (scheduled 2 weeks after the regular BOD meeting) require the distribution of draft minutes from the original meeting that was adjourned?
  4. Our non-profit union has a split BOD with a President who won his election by a landslide. The other seats were uncontested and supported the losing former-President-candidate. Every initiative that the President brings to the BOD for approval or BOD input, the slate (VP, Secretary, Treasurer) votes against. (It has started to be a ridiculous act of obstructing even the most basic issues like fixing health and safety hazards). At our last BOD meeting the slate (VP, Secretary, Treasurer) all walked out to break quorum because they did not like the motion on the table. When they walked out, none of them called the question regarding loss of quorum and the motion was voted on. After passing two more motions, the VP came back in to the room to call into question the quorum of the body. At that point the business was stopped and meeting ajourned until a later date. Are all of these motion binding?
  5. Is the discussion within executive session confidential but the content is not? In other words, can the copies of information that triggered the call for executive session be shared with those outside of the executive session?
  6. At a recent executive BOD meeting, during an executive session, a motion was passed to remove a steward from their position. There was confidential information shared during this BOD meeting that cannot be shared with the general membership. The steward was officially removed from their position. Can the General Membership rescind this motion after the steward was already removed, without knowing the confidential information that led to his removal?
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