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  1. Our corporation is finally removing proxy votes at our next annual meeting in August, by amending that by-law to remove proxy votes and to add mail in ballots. The pandemic being the main concern. They are also cleaning up the wording on quorum at a meeting that I previously asked about. However, the board, decided to include mail in ballots with the mailing they will be sending out in a few weeks and have the first order of business be a vote on the by-law amendment at the annual meeting allowing mail in ballots and then making the leap that the mail in ballots are effective immediatel
  2. In our organizations by-laws under quorum at the annual meeting, it states; owners present and voting at a duly called meeting shall constitute a quorum. Proxy votes will be permitted. Questions raised now are: Do these two statements conflict? "owners present and voting" and "proxy votes" permitted since clearly if you have a proxy vote, they are not present? Does the vagueness of stating just cottages present and voting.....consitute a quorum, give credence to if only 3 owners attend, a quorum has been reached? Our by-laws do not currently state a specific number but NYS no
  3. The current by-law for amending a by-law of our non-profit corporation states by majority vote. A proposal to amend this to state by 2/3 vote at the annual or special called meeting quoting Robert's Rules and section 615 of NYS non-profit laws was not passed because the majority of the Directors and the present voting members believe the simple majority is the way to get things done. Is there any other way to change this to protect the minority of our corporation which is 49 owner/members total?
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