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  1. More times than not at meetings there is information presented, discussion held and questions asked without the discussion ever resulting in a motion being entered. I presume that any member may be recognized and present information about items that pertain to the organization without presenting a motion. I would think that it would not be necessary to have a motion entered every time an item is brought before the assembly. I cannot find in RONR where this is addressed. What am I missing?
  2. The by-laws permit such charges. There is nothing in the by-laws that states they have EXCLUSIVE power in this area. What determines exclusive power?
  3. Here is the situation. We have an Officer and member of our Board of Trustees who has flagrantly, with full knowledge of the by-laws of the organization, caused on several occasions the expenditure of funds over and above a level permitted by the by-laws without gaining the permission of the members of the organization. He has even made expenditures in conjunction with the Financial Secretary without even discussing the expenditures with the Board. This person is a very large human specimen, a bully, and an intimidator. He has lined the Board with his hand picked lieutenants who do his bidding
  4. Robert B Fish, Parkersburg, WV. Greetings from one hillbilly to another. Born and raised in the northern panhandle, Wellsburg. Now reside in Ohio. Still love my native land and visit it frequently.
  5. In a recent meeting of our organization a motion was made and seconded. The chair immediately went to vote on the motion. A voice vote was called for and the motion was resoundingly approved. The chair permitted discussion on the motion after the vote was taken. The chair made no declaration as to passage or failure of the motion. I sense several things are wrong with the proceedings; no debate was called for before voting; discussion was permitted after voting; no declaration as to passage or failure was made by the chair. The motion was not tabled and the chair then went forth with other bus
  6. Mr. Honemann, You are advised that our by-laws provide that any member in good standing may bring charges against any officer or member and provides procedures where expulsion can be accomplished. Therefore, the by-laws prevail, correct?
  7. This presentation contains all the facts regarding the Vice President's control of the funds of the organization leading to four instances of spending funds outside the limits stipulated in the by-laws.
  8. I am in the process of preparing to bringing charges against an officer of our non-profit organization for expulsion. This individual has entrenched himself in power for several years and surrounded himself with a number of lieutenants who do his bidding. He was President and is now Vice President. The President is his hand picked replacement. The Vice President is de facto President. When I gain the floor and begin my presentation to the members there is a very strong possibility that I will be cut off by the chair. How do I maintain control of the floor and complete my presentation?
  9. Many thanks. You have been most helpful. Legal counsel is engaged.
  10. I understand your various replies. I thank you for them. Though the by-laws stipulate that Roberts Rules shall govern the conduct of meetings they do not supersede a person's legal right of representation. Agree or disagree?
  11. In what I believe was a "kangaroo court" a member of our membership organization, a 501© corporation, was expelled from membership by the Board of Trustees. This Board is controlled by a single domineering, intimidating individual and comprised mostly of his hand picked lieutenants who do his bidding. The expelled member is the hardest working, most dedicated member of our organization and was a member of the Board until expelled. The expelled member voiced his disagreement to proposed actions at many of the meetings of the Board. This coupled with his knowledge of illegal actions involving th
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