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  1. George, Pg 471 (20). The Board specifically "named" the owner for disciplinary actions in the letter distributed at the meeting and then read the letter out loud. Once "named" isn't the Secretary required to include it in the minutes? Is it only the letter that should not be included in the minutes? What about reading the letter at the meeting? Should that action be excluded as well? Many thanks. Nancy
  2. During the Annual Meeting of our Condo Association, the President distributed a letter about an owner. He had the Vice President read the letter out loud to all in attendance. I assumed the reason the Vice President read the letter out loud during the meeting was to make it a matter of record. The letter contained many false statements about the owner. When the minutes of the Annual meeting were published, there was no mention of the letter or that it had been read during the meeting. Can the Board Secretary deliberately omit the letter and the actions of the Board from the minutes? Before the minutes are approved by the membership, can a motion be made to correct the minutes. If so, how does the owner word the motion to add the missing letter? Many thanks. Nancy
  3. Thank you for all your comments. I can assure you that Josh is correct; the violation was not "minor". I was defending myself from false statements made in a letter that the Board distributed during the meeting and the Vice President read out loud for all in attendance. I was not shown the letter before the meeting and it was not on the Agenda. The letter was libelous and once read probably became slander. I have talked to the President about adjourning the meeting while I was speaking and he insists he did no wrong. Again, thank you for the time you spend on answering these questions. They are very helpful and I appreciate all the work you do. Nancy
  4. I attended our Annual General Meeting for our Condo Association. I waited patiently while other owners were recognized by the President to rise and take the podium. When the President recognized me, I stood, took the podium and started to speak. After about a minute and while I was speaking, the President took a motion from the floor to adjourn the meeting. I promptly told the President numerous times that I had not yielded the floor. He ignored me and took a vote. The meeting was adjourned and I was left standing at the podium. Can a meeting be adjourned while a member is speaking and the member has not yielded the floor to the chair? I do have a copy of Robert's Rules of Order 11th edition, but it doesn't answer my question since in this case I already had the floor. Page 240 (5) If the chair learns, immediately after declaring the assembly adjourned, that a member seeking the floor for one of these purposes had risen and addressed the chair before the adjournment was declared, then, since the adjournment was improper and this breach was promptly noted, the chair must call the meeting back to order---but only long enough or the purpose for which the member legitimately sought the floor. Many thanks. Nancy
  5. I found this section in the 4th edition. Is it still valid in the 11th edition? Is so please cite the Chapter and Page. Many thanks. Nancy 47. Votes that are Null and Void even if Unanimous. No motion is in order that conflicts with the laws of the nation, or state, or with the assembly's constitution or by-laws, and if such a motion is adopted, even by a unanimous vote, it is null and void.
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