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  1. Is there any guidance or preferred practice for recording the agenda in the minutes? Typically, our board approves minutes that reflect the motion to adopt an agenda. We would be correct that there is no need or requirement (or purpose, really) in specifying what was listed on the agenda (or amended to agenda) in the minutes, yes?
  2. Thank you... it was very much like directing an officer or committee to act on the board's behalf. Thank you for the pointers.
  3. Ok, I deleted my question about bylaws. I guess the question is... does the motion as adopted still require the Board to ratify the majority written decision on the vendor selection? (In retrospect we probably should have just authorized an officer or set of officers to make the selection, but here we are).
  4. At a previous meeting, our Board voted 6-1 to adopt a motion that provides for the later selection of one of three possible vendors for a particular service "upon a written majority decision of the Board." Most of us interpreted this motion as a one-time special rule allowing for the selection to occur without a meeting, which was adopted by more than 2/3 majority vote with all members present (only one person voted no). The question is... does this written majority decision per the adopted motion still need to be ratified at the next meeting?
  5. I *think* that the maker of the motion could request that the presiding officer order a roll call vote when there's a vote on the final dispensation of the motion as amended. This way they can register their opposition to the amended motion in the minutes by having their "no" recorded. The minutes should also reflect that the motion was amended. In my opinion, there's not much more that should be done to try to stroke the mover's ego; it was the body's decision, not his.
  6. Two questions: 1. If an ADOPTED agenda includes a generic topic under New Business like "Lobby Decorating," can multiple motions germane to "Lobby Decorating" be offered under that agenda item before the body proceeds to the next item of business (say, "Landscaping")? For example, let's say a motion concerning wallpaper is made and disposed of under Lobby Decorating, can a member then rise following that vote and make a motion concerning carpeting? Or, are no further motions in order beyond that first motion because the next item of business (Landscaping) is up next? 2. I serve on a small board of fewer than 12 members. When it comes discussing business items on an adopted agenda, we customarily prefer to make a motion and require a second at the outset. But, we understand that RONR 11 ed. Procedure In Small Boards permits informal discussion when no motion is pending. This procedure also says that "motions need not be seconded" (p. 488 l. 1), which in our experience makes it very difficult for our group (even small) to distill and agree when a motion has been made "perfectly clear" (p. 488, l. 9), especially for the presiding officer and secretary. Is there any guidance on how to balance the procedures for small boards with the rest of the Rules? Can we allow informal discussion to precede a properly made motion, and how enforceable is that? Does having an approved agenda help control any of this?
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