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  1. The bylaws require a candidate must be endorsed at the state convention by May 1, and not more than 18 months before the election. The member wants to be endorsed this year and run this year, but the state convention is after May 1. Endorsement is done by a ballot election; no exception, and because the bylaws do not allow for remote voting or remote meetings, the vote to endorse must be done at an in-person meeting. The bylaws permit the calling of special state meetings and identifies that the delegates are the same ones from the previous state convention. Questions: Could a properly called special state meeting be held for the purpose of voting to endorse even though the bylaws require that this be done at a state convention? If the bylaws require that certain things be done at a state convention, can all of these 'certain things' instead be done at a special state meeting? If not, what can be done at a special state meeting? Thank you, Beverly Przybylski