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  1. What does the following article in an association's bylaws mean? Does it mean that a professional manager can or cannot manage association for more than three years? Or that a can be done if approved by association? B. The services of a person or firm to mdndge lee affairs (herein called "Manager"), to the extent deemed advisable by the Board, as well as such other personnel as the Board shall determine shall be necessary or proper for Common Properties, whether such personnel are employed directly by the Board or are furnished by the Manager. All persons employed to manage or assist in the management or maintenance of the Properties shall be employed at the will of the Board, provided that a manager may be employed for successive periods not exceeding a three (3) yeaL tell-a in each period. The Board may delegate any of its duties, powers or functions relating to the daily administrative affairs of the Association to any person or firm designated by the Board to act as Managcr.
  2. Never seen this situation before: Board sends members notice of dues increase, along with invoice and late payment fines. Increase (of about 10%) needed for reserves. Membership vote on said increase to be held 60 days later at Annual Meeting, but that's not stated anywhere in the increase notice or bylaws. When questioned about timing, board said they could issue refunds if vote doesn't pass. This seems backward, inefficient and less than transparent. Are there any RR that address this?
  3. At annual meeting to elect officers, can association member ask for vote (voice or hand) for each officer as opposed to voting on entire slate? No specifics stated in Bylaws.
  4. At board meeting, new association member arranged in advance to be on agenda to ask questions ranging from budget to election/governance process to communication. This was opportunity for new member to verbally discussed what previously was done through email. One board member was particularly combative (maybe that's a better word), constantly interrupting member, raising voice, accusing member of lying, trying to "trip up" the testimony and announcing that member had only two of 15 minutes left for this discussion and that he already had taken up 30 minutes (mainly to try to get on track with his statement). There was no verbal or written time limit ever mentioned prior or during meeting. As a side note, this is the same member who opened the meeting with a prayer, which is another topic.
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