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  1. Mark


    Our organization require 15 voting members for quorum to change the By-Law. We are now down to 14 voting members. How do we get around this requirement?
  2. Is there a proper way to format proposed by-lay changes? I was told that you show the current by-law and then show the proposed bylaw with the changes highlighted.
  3. Just a follow up question. We are proposing 4 bylaw changes (4 different articles) all are related to membership fees. Is there a way to have it voted on as a whole? We don't want some fees increased and not others as this is part of a larger capital improvement project
  4. Where can I find it in RR?
  5. Quick question. We are looking to raise our dues by 20% can a member move to increase that percentage to 25% or some other amount. Or does that exceed the scope of notification. And were can I find that in RR
  6. Mark


    Can you direct me to the page in RR that states the Chair can not reject or refuse to entertain a motion?
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