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  1. I thought maybe under issues when called to good welfare ...thank you
  2. Can candidates for upcoming elections give a short campaign speech to members, prior to nomination meeting ,if so please give references where in book of order is allowed and located
  3. Bruce its a good Ol boys club ..out voted on E board ..term puppets ??
  4. Gary I posted a similar situation and emailed it to you I think ?? Could you look at it reply to me josh martin said to call international I will but again its very similar to the may 21 2012 post of bylaws  you made commented on places reply to me with it 

    1. standing tall

      standing tall

      Sorry meant to say please :o

    2. standing tall

      standing tall

      I'm sorry it was posted by guest Ernie something ...I'm going to follow up with what josh' recommend ...I read it wrong  sorry for all the comments to you my bad 

  5. I think this is really on point to what I'm looking for our local changed the hiring procedure. To a call system instead of going to hiring hall each morning to be dispatched out to work ..myself other members want old way back. 1: you knew when where what jobs going out 2: members knew where they was on books others as well.. This new call system has been a mess ,unfair ! Supposed to be a computer calling going in order person to person next person on list ..NOT,, can it be changed to past practice ? BA. Said it was internationals doing took his word for it. Or was it a recommendation ..I'll find out..if you still get this post or still on here and found out on your issue please let me know
  6.  I hope you don't mind me following your steps .I'm trying learn all I can on everything ..I like info I read from you and few others. I'm a 20 year member and current Executive board officer in my local union WE ARE A MESS .and IVE BEEN ASKED TO run  for BA in June  hoping to learn more on everything I can for future of my Hall / craft..and country 

  7. Josh Martin thank you,very much ,if don't mind I will let u know outcome any further cares concerns reach out to you ,I'm always willing to learn listen DAMN sure not afraid to ask, if I don't know ,,again thank you
  8. During the tenure of last BA,not current one,the current business agent holds seat due to "steve" leaving for international job ...WE ARE A MESS HERE !! ..we have been told that international changed system ? if that's true how are we still a " Hiring hall" I know that term ,def H H dispataches employers/ companies workers .. Phone system is easily manipulated what I'm getting at ..even if international changed it can't we change it back due to past practice??
  9. First of I'd like say hello,thank everyone in advance for their answers comment's. I new to this site . i have questions in regards to my local union.. We members use to go each morning to our local wait for jobs be called out ,we are still a hiring hall A few years ago a new system was put in place of calling members on phone instead of sitting at the hall , can a motion be made bring the old way back under past practice and how is this achieved ?? As I am running for BA this is something all members want brought baxk
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